Will Fans Forgive Final Fantasy with XIII-2?

Still hot on the gaming scene, the recent trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer teased gamers with less than a minute and a half of footage and nothing more. The question is, will this lack of effort that went into the trailer reflect the effort going into the actual game?

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Godmars2903363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Show me improvements in gameplay, maybe story, and I'll let you know.

Enigmatic CG trailers aren't worth judgment much less discussion.

nickjkl3362d ago

how do you forgive something that hasn't happened

Yes_23359d ago

Let's not forget exploration. Give me a lot of exploration (possibly even an airship) and I'll be happier.

Hours of linear corridors and cutscenes =/= a good game. :(

DA_SHREDDER3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Never! Die Squeenix you traitor! What did they do with all their good devs from previous generations? Fire them?!

@ Godmars. That attitude right there is what got the genre in the state its in. You guys demand rpg's needing a revamped action system, but us real rpg fans were just fine with the turn based gameplay. Now the genre is nothing but soulless candy coated turd on a disc.

Godmars2903362d ago

FFXIII wasn't turned based.

They want to present a "fixed" version of the game, at the very least they need to show that this XIII-2 isn't more than linear maps. Doubt they can add meat to the story, but they can flesh out the world. Show the people and culture.

I want to see that soulless candy coated crap as much as you do.

nickjkl3362d ago

linear maps is all final fantasy is about

one route to get to your destination

the only time your getting an open map is if that open map leads to a place where you get linear routes

end story i dont understand how people dont get this

i bet you if they addedd a little over world part like ff7 where you travel between towns and dungeons no one would complain about linearity

Yes_23359d ago

nickjkl: Yes, most FF games have you following a linear path, but you could still go off and explore towns or explore the world map whenever you wanted to (even if the world map was empty, you could still explore it). You might have been following a linear story, but it FELT like you were exploring.

Take FF7 for example; Even at the beginning of the game you can explore certain parts of Midgar. You can go into people's homes, you can go into any store, you can talk to anybody you see, etc. You can't explore big areas of course, but you could still explore the parts that you WERE allowed into. It felt like a real place, and not like a game telling you where to go.

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Fulensenca3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Final Fantasy X-2 was terrible compared to the original ( which I think it was a great game ).

Final Fantasy XIII* was terrible ... I can' t really imagine how bad the sequel of such a turd + "X-2 style" could get ... *shivers*

*I think I will never fully recover:"I'm going to be a hero! I have to be a hero! I have to act like a hero! I want to be a hero!" or:" sob, sob-sob, I hate him! sob-sob, I am so scared sob-sob, I feel so alone but I hate him!" and so on for the first 20 hours ... ( then I stopped to play, unbereable characters, all of them )

BigDollarZoe9543358d ago

cant wait for this first day buy these haters aren't changing my opinion or mind on 13 which i really liked there i said it lol