2K Czech gearing up for Mafia III development?

2K Czech may be getting ready to begin development on a third Mafia game, if a recent job listing is anything to go by.

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mjolliffe3731d ago

Go for it 2K, just don't spend an age developing it and produce something worse than expected. I'm all for Mafia 3! :)

showtimefolks3731d ago


and that's what people expect mafia 2 to be. if anyone who has played mafia 1 know one thing it was a story driven game with not many side mission. it was also not done as bad with after every mission go home to sleep to move the story forward.

but with mafia 3 they should use the same engine
a bit of a more open world game with few things to do
AI needs to be much much better sometimes they became superman others they would run into your bullets
Mafia 2 should have co-op since its a buddy story
DON'T KILL JOE from mafia 2 give the gamers a chance to save him in the 3rd
shooting worked fin but gta4 had better shooting mechanics

and we have ourself a great mafia 3

mjolliffe3731d ago

I no way did I say it should have been GTA. No way at all.

In my opinion however, the game was not up to scratch on the quality I expect from a game which I had been waiting for, for five years.

morganfell3731d ago

Perhaps not others, but for me Mafia II was far better than GTA. So it wasn't free roam. But the depth of the characters, the varied missions, great story, adult approach, and well implemented combat controls had me going back to this game time and again.

The DLC was damned by a timer but the main game was a Hollywood worthy presentation.

Ranshak3731d ago

Mafia 2 was terrible on the PS3, After i saw my friend playing it on PC. I had to buy the game again on Steam just to be able to enjoy the game. I hope the optimise it next time for the PS3.

Stunt3731d ago

Mafia 2 was great. Mafia 3 is welcomed.

kevco333731d ago

Mafia 2 was AWESOME. Mafia 3 is MAKING ME A HAPPY BUNNY!

DelbertGrady3731d ago

Pls do. Mafia 2 had the best and most engaging story I've experienced in an open world game so far.

lh_swe3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Yeah, except the open world wasn't very 'open' so to say^^...if they right that wrong then it's probably set to be my favourite open world game :)

mightyboot3731d ago

Lets hope it learns something from LA Noire.

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The story is too old to be commented.