Pirates Not Only Threat of PS3 Hacks

PCN: "The PS3 was recently hacked, and out came the mods. Currently Sony is suing the hackers for releasing vulnerable code to the public, and we are cheering them on, but there are many things to look at. Most people go right to chanting for Sony because they don't want to see pirates completely devestate the system of developers. Well things are much worse than that."

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xino3731d ago

" With Modern Combat it took less than a week for the game to be hacked and changed. "

where's your farking proof? I've heard of no complaint from users and gamers!

"Call of Duty fans already know the major impact when they jump in the fan favorite Modern Warfare 2."
Because Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 on ps3 were bad ports! And glitching in the game existed before ps3 hacking.

Another trash site!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

BoNeSaW233731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Is this proof enough for you it has been hacked?
Sucks! I was just about to pick this up.
I could care less about CoD it has always been flooded with glitchers no matter what system you play on. What exactly was so bad about the PS3 version anyway?

kindi_boy3730d ago

Whenever I read the words every, all...and the likes of them I know that the writer is talking out of his ass.

Eamon3730d ago

What a biased and uninformed article.

Thanks for the laugh.

MrBeatdown3729d ago

"where's your farking proof?"

Try typing "modern combat domination hack" into YouTube. Real difficult isn't it? Idiot.

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Miiikeyyy3730d ago

Hackers are egoistic little b*sterds!
they think they are doing us a favor, but they are just ruining our gaming experience!

AKA3730d ago

actually most of them seem nice.
but like in evey community they are jerks in it to.

Kon3730d ago ShowReplies(3)
BrianC62343730d ago

An easyway to stop hackers is report everyone who cheats to Sony. Hopefuly Sony will turn their PS3s into bricks and eventually the morons will be gone.

Darkspade3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Rat!!! Also Sony Can't Touch peoples PS3 other then Block them from PSN Service.. Sony No Longer owns that Console.... OK

Hacker and Cheaters are 2 Different Types of People
Hackers do it for the Challenge..
Cheaters do it because they Can..

There's a Big Difference between the two but People Never seem to get it.. Also If you want to Blame anyone blame the Dev. They are the one's writing Lazy Codes...

I in know way Do or Like the people who Cheat but I don't Rat them out because it wont solve anything..

DarkFantasy3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

"Hackers do it for the Challenge.. " funny stuff lol "I in know way Do or Like the people who Cheat but I don't Rat them out because it wont solve anything.. " LOOOL you should rat them out this is not the school yard..don't want to be ratted out?? then don't hack and cheat.

randomwiz3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

i see no problem for hacking for homebrew, but cheating is just sad, especially when you're affecting other players.

And you really can't expect a developer to waste time writing good security code. When they develop for the ps3, they expect it to be secure. Of course they need to have some level of security, unlike IW who left their developing/debugging tools easily accessible, which is what leads to all the mw2 hacks today.

The Iron Sheik3730d ago

This is the link to report hackers and cheaters

I encourage everyone who appreciates fair play online to report all hackers to Sony.

radphil3730d ago

"I in know way Do or Like the people who Cheat but I don't Rat them out because it wont solve anything.."

So you're basically saying forget about the situation and deal with it....

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