Homefront campaign is 8-plus hours long, wears Half-Life on its sleeve

Kaos has told CVG that you can expect the campaign of Homefront to last anywhere between eight hours and a full day - and admitted that it's taken a whole lot of influence from Valve's Half-Life.

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theonlylolking2827d ago

Thats short. I hope it will be worth the 8hrs.

mrv3212827d ago

I went to a party, it was good, but at 4 A.M everyone had either left or fallen asleep, this is pathetic imo, so I pulled out the hosts PS3 and defeated MW2 by the time they woke up at 8

FrankMcSpank2827d ago

8hours is not bad at all. As long as it is well done all the way through.

mightyboot2827d ago

@mrv321 pathetic indeed xD

mushroomwig2827d ago

8 hours is short? Since when? Most FPS are 6 hours long, multiplayer is where you'll get the moneys worth.

Guitardr852827d ago

The point is this game was made for the single player...famous writer, trailers heavily relied on by story...8 hours is short, especially since all games cost $60 now!...

showtimefolks2827d ago

8hrs is kind of good for a FPS because for 8 hours you will be killing. i hope its not like MW series where its just all set pieces

SP is all i am interested in with homefront so 8hrs don't bother me

MidnytRain2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I usually take my time with games. I don't blaze through any of my new purchases. I.e. I don't play it constantly until I beat it. I stop and enjoy the little things that make games special every now and then. It took my about twelve hours to beat Uncharted 2. So whenever I hear about an unreleased game's length, I add a couple of hours to that for myself.

Christopher2827d ago

For an FPS, that's a good length.

The problem? We're really trusting what a developer says considering most often this is 20-25% longer than what it turns out to actually be?

Dorwrath2827d ago

Go play Medal Of Honor then say this is short. Rented MOH via Gamefly 3 hours to finish it on normal. Thas friggin short.

Although I would like longer, 8 hours seems longer than the average campaign in FPS games nowadays.

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NobleRed2827d ago

So It's longer than Call Of Nooby.

mrv3212827d ago

It's longer than BLOPS+MW2 combines.

Ryudo2827d ago

Man not that I disagree but your attempts at being witty are painful...

Pandamobile2827d ago

I really hope this game is good. I've been waiting for a shooter with a good story for a while now.

mightyboot2827d ago

When you mean shooter you mean a FPS not a TPS, right?

gdogg9792827d ago

for all you saying that call of duty is short,

theres no way you could do it on veteran for the first time quicker than 8 hours.

ive been stuck on one bit for several hours before.

and i class myself as fairly decent at cod.

So stop playing on easy and man up abit bitches.

Rubberlegs2827d ago

CoD games on Veteran are more cheap then being hard though. The most common sections you get stuck at in BO when playing on veteran are against respawning enemies. CoD games are the worst at this.

Guitardr852827d ago


I think your missing the point...bra! The point is that whether you played them on easy or brutal difficulty, games always had at least 20-25 hours of CONTENT to play through. This doesn't count for areas that you have to play over and over and OVER again just so you can say the game is longer. I think you are either delusional or too young to remember older games, lol!

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