IGN:Crysis 2: Multiplayer in the Superhero Sandbox

IGN:Any preview of Crysis 2 is invariably going to be torn between two things (or should be, anyway): how it looks, and how it plays. When I checked out a single-player section of the PC version of Crysis 2 a month or so ago, I was struck as much by how well it controlled on a 360 pad as how fantastic that version looked, and I was also left with some serious questions as to how it would run on consoles. Last week, things were switched around a bit as I spent time with Crysis 2's multiplayer on the Xbox 360, and I was struck by two things: how great it looked, and how not so great it played.

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NYC_Gamer3737d ago

so this 360 demo has bad controls

EVO-OM3GA3737d ago

No mention of the controls being bad all the guy simple said is that in the demo there is abit with the controls, also its a demo so if thats the only issue then for me its something is easily fixed.

Active Reload3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

So this guy thinks the graphics are affecting the controller lag? Interesting...

Edit: Evo, he practically says the controls are bad.

Edit:"Eventually, it hit me: Crysis 2 on 360 has some seriously laggy controller response"
Tomato...tomatoe. I'm not trying rag on the game, but "seriously laggy" has never equated to being good.

despair3737d ago

no he says the controls are not as responsive as they can be and that the PC ones were fine while using a controller. They will fix it most likely as big budget and high profile games like Crysis 2 will not want to be blasted for some lag, so how about waiting for the final build before saying anything.

What I'm most worried about is that they have,as far as I know, never shown anything on the PS3 version which means it probably isn't going so well. With a couple months and Crytek not even showing anything on the PS3 it might be problematic and definitely something to be wary about.

Bigpappy3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

A remember a game called killZone2 which had the same complaint, and the players didn't seem to mind, as long as it looked good. No double standards, please.

Oh well, I'll try the demo and if it sucks I will not get the game. I will be working on Two World2 for a while anyway.

SJPFTW3737d ago


LOL you are so right. what happened killzone fans i thought laggy controls added to the "realism".

Klipz-Wish3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


The same could be said for some Xbox fans who ragged on killzone 2 controls. Double standards? Would've been better if you never brought it up.

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jdktech20103737d ago

Does anyone find it funny that people are arguing over it 1 day before we get a 360 demo for ourselves? I mean, don't you think you could figure it out tomorrow

EVO-OM3GA3737d ago

The PS3 version will no doubt be fine, I think there mainly showing the 360 one due to MS, the more they market it on the 360 the more consumers will go out and support the 360 version more, its good marketing

Reborn3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Well, I'll boot up the Xbox and see tomorrow.

However, if it does have these problems, its not too late for Crytek to work something out. I hope.

NYC_Gamer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

this issue should be worked out in the final version

DERKADER3737d ago

This sounds like the Killzone 2 control incident all over again.

EVO-OM3GA3737d ago

No it doesnt i found the KZ2 controls horrible I tried to change them and they were still horrible I waited for the update and even then I just there were ok at best.

Kon3737d ago

Can't wait to play the demo.

tudors3737d ago

"Crysis 2 is clearly in the running for best looking console game out there"