Stop This Senseless Video Game Console War

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Lend me your ear.

It's time to put a stop to console wars. It's time to listen to other's opinions on games. It's time to come together and accept each other for sharing a common interest.

In this day and age things are changing. Music is changing. Television is changing. and yes, even Games are changing.

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Raendom3835d ago

Ironic coming from Kotaku.

thedudeftw3835d ago

Hmm magic 8 ball points to yes!

bakasora3834d ago

Its like asking the world to stop having wars.

hennessey863835d ago

i have both, are you telling me they are rivalls

PS3 Rules3834d ago

The war ended long time ago the xbots are defeated, they have the white flag now LOL

VINNIEPAZ3834d ago

This would be a dream come true if we could just all talk about gaming without the prejudice that is so thickly smeared all over this site. It gets in the way logical thinking.

IcarusOne3834d ago

I don't understand how anyone could disagree with you, Vinnie.

Aarix3834d ago

Yea but people are f*** ing assholes who Pisa other people off and that's how it starts.

finnhima3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Ugh, I hate it how gaming websites want to claim neutrality and equalization amongst the gaming community, when they play a hand in the ignorance themselves all for the sake of sensationalism and page views. Make a un-necessary comparison, bash a company, downhype a popular game, Insert inflammatory title, and watch the flames. And it works EVERY time.

And its not just kotaku. You see tons of websites pandering to the ignorance by igniting flamewars to get attention. Destructoid, industrygamers, cvg, etc. Though there sentiment sounds logical and may be true, I find it HIGHLY contradictory and ignorant for them to make such an article when they've been swimming in it for the past few years now.

Hey Kotaku, you want to stop this senseless game console war? Start with yourselves!! Make a change at home before you start preaching to the masses. It'll save you from looking like hypocritical trash that you guys look like now.

IcarusOne3834d ago

I admit, I play the fanboy game as much as most. And it's probably time for me to grow up. So:

"I do hereby pledge to extend only courtesy and respect to my fellow gamers, whether through agreement or disagreement, cooperation or dissent, and do acknowledge that there are no absolutes when it comes to personal taste, and that in this world of opinions, all are equally valid and deserving of consideration.

First and foremost, we are gamers together, a community, and while every family may be dysfunctional, it is still our responsibility to defend, uplift, and preserve our uniqueness.

Cheers to all."

PS3 Rules3834d ago

PS3 gamers show no mercy to already defeated xbots

vishant1013834d ago

u r the type of person this article was intended for and how is a console defeated if it has a worldwide total sales figure higher then the PS3

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Anon19743835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I agree with the article's sentiment - but then I noticed this is coming from Kotaku. Kotaku is known for their negative stand regarding all things Sony since even before the whole Kotaku versus Home versus Sony debacle. I remember in the summer, Kotaku was falling all over themselves to downplay Gran Turismo 5, posting three negative articles in one week alone months prior to the game even being released, cumulating with an obviously faked video purporting to show extremely long load times.

It's hard to take the message "Can't we all just get along," seriously when it's coming from a site with the history Kotaku has.

deadreckoning6663835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Is it possible that Kotaku isn't the problem...but just that you(and others) get sensitive when someone says something negative about Sony? Maybe you should think about that.

According to N4G...IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, Destructoid, NowGamer, and Giant Bomb are ALL against the PS3. Sounds kinda stupid don't ya think, especially since all these sites have given plenty of PS3 exclusives good reviews.

Btw, TONS of reviewers had negative things to say about GT5. For you to single out Kotaku only proves my point about your wacky conspiracy theories.

ApocalypseShadow3834d ago

it's not like YOU ever say anything positive about sony unless it is to gain a bubble.

but you ALWAYS have a NEGATIVE thing to say in EVERY sony article.

but claim you are neutral.

Parapraxis3834d ago

Is it possible that PS3 fans aren't the problem...but just that you(and others) get sensitive when someone says something positive about Sony? Maybe YOU should think about that.

finnhima3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Oh please deadreckoning. DONT EVEN. Granted that every console is a rabid group of cheerleaders, but don't sit there and scrutinize others when YOU YOURSELF play a hand in the ignorance that pollutes this website. You're just as ignorant as the group you try to speak against. Any day of the week you'll be found in an article bashing either sony or its fanbase. Right here, even now you've gone off topic to try to turn this into a anti-ps3 thing which is something you do with almost EVERY comment you make.

Its THE MAIN reason you have only one bubble and even with that even that you still talk too damn much. If anything is worse than a console fanboy, is a fanboy who tries to perpetrate himself as a true gamer under a transparent veil of neutrality.

biggame9013834d ago

Of all people, dead, you shouldn't be talking. You' re the biggest fraud on this site. You claim neutrality, yet you're quick to say something negative about the PS3 and Sony.

You can claim l you like being neutral, but you're nothing but a fraud. You should look in the mirror before you say a word about anyone being a fanboy. Because you are among the worst of them all.

P_Bomb3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

You must not remember when Greg Miller at IGN said "The thing that a lot of people missed, however, is that Mass Effect 2 is indeed a better game than Uncharted 2, and I don't know how readers can be so blinded by their fanboyism to deny it. I need you to accept this."

In essence he said 'agree with me and accept what I say as gospel or you're a fanboy'. Thing is, I'm just not a big Star Wars/Star Trek,Battlestar Gallactica space cowboy kinda guy. For me, Uncharted was better. By Greg's law, that makes me a fanboy. That's idiot talk right there.

I think that's part of the point darkride66 and finnhima are making. Sometimes, the same sites that preach this videogame altruism with their left hand are stoking the fires with their right.

DERKADER3834d ago

The only place the Console War is fought is on dumb gaming sites. Gaming Companies fight the War, we as gamers get to bask in all the great games that come with manufactures having to compete with one another.

unknownhero11233834d ago

I believe it's not the site themselves but the person that is reviewing the game that's the problem. there are some people on the sites you mention that could be biased but not all of them are biased. so, in a way, both sides are right.

fatalred alarm3834d ago

When it comes to humans, everyone is going to try and justify their purshase of a particular console.

They feel the need to prove to themselves and other that THEY made the right choise. It's all human instinct/behaviour in my opinion.

IcarusOne3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Just because someone is biased doesn't make them wrong by default.

Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot, Destructoid, etc. have all been labeled anti-Sony. Now either they've ALL been bought by Microsoft/inexplicably hate Sony for no reason, or those who support Sony are a touch overly sensitive. And I don't mean to single out the Sony camp. Xbox fans are just as radical.

But the truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

Let's all tone it down and just ignore those who can't.

Biggest3834d ago

You listed two reasons for bias. There are far more reasons. They don't have to be bought by anyone. How many people here support one consoles because "I just like it better" or "All my friends have it too" for example. The sites you listed have all used blatant bias to get more people interested in their website. It works until it backfires and they're left giving explainations and retracted articles.

There are no casualties in this so-called war. I don't see what the big deal is. People that have a general opinion about games or consoles aren't a problem. They can be funny, sad, crazy, stupid, and many other things. None of it is painful. The people that choose to call themselves gaming media are the only problem. It's the same in all forms of reported media. Television networks that align themselves with points of view away from the center fuel the same types of "wars" between viewers and listeners. The mob always follows the big voices. Enjoy the mob, or find something else to do with your time.

solidjun53832d ago

Yea, that's dead alright. He's one of the worst. A putrid fanboy under the veil of neutrality.

" tries to perpetrate himself as a true gamer under a transparent veil of neutrality. "

Comment of the year so far.

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Parapraxis3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )
^ An article based off a comment some random person on Kotaku posted, if that's not a desperate attempt to troll against Sony than what is?

Of course there are people out there that don't like certain games, but to make an entire article from one comment? I mean...really.

That's just one article that Kotaku posted, amid the sea of negative articles they produce each year.

Edited, As Kotaku are actually generally cynical and negative towards everything, it's not just Sony now, but for a time the negativity was heavily weighted against Sony.

I'll admit they have gotten better, but people who know their history understand why many PS3 fans find an article such as this one slightly hypocritical coming from Kotaku.

m23453834d ago

lol deadreckoning. i got disagrees for saying that microsoft hasn't announced any hardcore games for the longest time. i think you should look at who's actually sensitive to begin with.

Godmars2903835d ago

Little hard to do when:

1- You've got game journalist directly contributing to it where by "journalist" you're talking about anyone who can post a blog on a blog site. Make a game site.

2- Game companies themselves directly fueling it.

trounbyfire3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

ok no more console war when it is shameful to cheer your favorite sports team, favorite music artists, athlete, book, movie.

but alas that will never happen but why you ask yourself. The answer is simple there is no shame in cheering for your team or whatever outside of gameing that is. the media has repeatedly talked as if liking something more than something else is a crime. they from the start bashed fanboys yet ESPN would not demoralize it viewer.

The gaming media does try to demoralize it viewer and readers. slowly twisting their minds to conform to their false reality. now see the media creation the dual or multi console owner, the pc fanboy that has been neglected by the media, and most of all the sheep that follow there every world and use their names as if the know these people.

I say leave thses sites and come to N4g. the news is here and very thing else. after coming to this site you can see a fanboy from a troll yet the media cannot. we are not trolls but proud owners of machines

Bigpappy3835d ago

A agree pretty much agree with "trounbyfire". Humans are simply to complex to all conform to the wishes of the purest. If would be a lot more peaceful if everyone just talked about their favorite games and what they are looking forward to. But some people have very strong opinion and sense of loyalty, that they can help promoting or defending what they bought into.

What is offensive, is when people get into the insults and name calling because some one has a different perspective or taste than they do. I personally have people on this site that stalk me. They have nothing to add to the discussing except that they dislike "Bigpappy" for liking what he likes. I personally and not offended by this (I like the edgy conversation), I just don't want the kids a mound us to that these wars to seriously, to a point where some one is seriously hurt over a f'ing Video game Console. I would rather the whole thing just go away than for that to happen.

m23453834d ago

you're one to talk bigpappy.

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