Do we actually need motion-controlled tech?

Which? Convo: Motion controls are ok when used appropriately, but when complex gestures are harder than a button press, are we taking a step backwards? In our first video we take a look at the future of motion-controlled tech.

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btk3741d ago

Depends if it is suited to the application.
Motion controls will not replace the mouse and keyboard or the steering wheel or the joystick. Give me the controls best suited for the game.

The Fight is awesome with Move controls. Also Golf and Tennis.

techie3741d ago

Well that's good for games, but what about applications?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3741d ago

Motion controls are childish i prefer the standard controllers any day

Parapraxis3741d ago

Video games are childish i prefer literature any day

(I hope you see my point)

Dr-Zoidberg3741d ago

Literature can be childish I hope you see my point

Parapraxis3741d ago

You clearly missed mine.

Pixelated_Army3741d ago

If it improves the gaming experience then why not.

Downtown boogey3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Hmm, good point...
This makes me realize how the industry will be branching even faster now and it's still not being taken into account!!
I mean... In video, there are movies, documentaries, comedy shows etc, BUT IN GAMES... There are only "video games"!!
The ongoing debate whether video games are art or not derives from this very issue as some games don't even try to be art whereas some indeed are. Same thing concerns motion gaming where in some cases it's pointless to have that kind of functionality since it's inherently not the point of the game. I.E. it's not about HOW you reload your gun -by pressing a button or twisting a wrist- it's about WHEN you actually do it.

The video game industry needs to be better defined and categorized.

rekonizakilla3741d ago

Iv'e never understood why games can't be considered art.

When you look at the end credits in a game there's always an artistic designer being credited, so why aint it art?

I've been to tate modern, and some of that sh1t literally might have been sh1t. But just cos I don't get it does not stop it from being art

Qui-Gon Jim3741d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to call Heavy Rain "art", but many people were expecting a "video game" whereas Heavy Rain is something a little different from that.

I always compare it to this: one of my favorite movies of all time is Gandhi, but it is an incredibly dull movie, comparatively. If someone who loves action movies thought "Hey, I've heard Gandhi is a good movie, I'll check it out.", that person would be very disappointed because they were not expecting what they ended up getting. I think if people had embraced the "interactive drama" label for Heavy Rain, it would have avoided some of the criticism.

nycredude3741d ago

Qu-Gon Jim

Heavy Rain had so much press coverage, videos, previews, developers interviews, demo, etc, that if you went in not know what to expect or expected a traditional game experiences then you are retarded. Heck even the ending was spoiled for me.

BTW did we ever find out who spoiled it first?

DERKADER3741d ago

Motion Controls are fine when used for the right games. Too bad all the games it works well with are games that I'd rather not waste my time with.

Bigpappy3741d ago

We need motion controls, 3D and what ever else they want to add to the choices. Because we have these new choice, does not mean I support getting rid of the old ones. I say, put them out there and we can all choose what we would like as entertainment. I for one like veriety. When they made fight Night with the right stick for punching, I tried it, but didn't care for it. But my some of my friends prefered it over buttons. EA decided to do away with buttons on the last one so I did not buy the game. They latter added button control so I got the game. The same thing will happen here, Ultimately the consumers get to decide what needed by what they buy.

SALES is the deciding factor.

Qui-Gon Jim3741d ago

I don't want to play something like God of War with motion controls, but Tumble makes really good use of Move, as Dance Central seems to make really good use of Kinect.

Some people may reflexively disagree with you because you mention sales, but you're right. You vote with your dollar.

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SactoGamer3741d ago

The simple answer is 'no'.

SactoGamer3741d ago

The simple answer is still (largely) 'no'.

EverydayGuy3741d ago

I think so, it made the market more accessible for soccer mom's and the elderly, a market that wasn't there until the motion controllers.

schlanz3741d ago

Do we actually need video games?


sp1deynut3741d ago

That was my first thought as well.

techie3741d ago

Well this isn't just about video games - I wonder, did you read more than just the title? Did you watch the video with all the weird and wonderful motion control tech that was at CES? They have TVs that are controlled through gesture now - what's wrong with a button?

Qui-Gon Jim3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Buttons are better for most things, but I would love to have the option to pause things by just using a gesture. I usually watch movies in a darkened room with a remote that is not lit, so I often end up fumbling around looking for the right remote, then the right button, when I want to pause. I want to be able to pause with a gesture or voice command, then do everything else with buttons.

Edit @ below: Yeah, the PS3 Blu-ray remote also seems to shut off if left for awhile. It will turn back on when you push a button, but then there is often a short delay between pushing the pause button and actually pausing the movie. That short delay just exacerbates the situation with my fumbling.

techie3741d ago

You can do that with Kinect with a Sky box. Yeah could be quite handy. Kinda annoying that i have to turn my PS3 controller on to pause or restart. I can see the advantage.

That wand they show in the video is rubbish though.

gcolley3741d ago

the remote thing won't be an issue if someone can just put a damn IR port on all these tablets. give me a tablet remote over both normal remote and wavy hand remote any day. besides all that, people are never satisfied, there was a time when people had to get off their asses to change the channel.

how about we skip this stage to where we can just think it

MGRogue20173741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

*shrugs* .... don't know. lol, I don't think we do..

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