PING/PONG: The Pros and Cons of Nintendo's 3DS

How will the 3DS survive the competition and is Nintendo doing all right things to make sure it does? We dissect Nintendo's strategy from A to Z. Join the discussion with John Lucas and Nathan Evans now.

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BlazeCP33729d ago

i dont think it will be as popular as the original DS. however it will still be very successful

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Bricks will be shat, and you will eat it once it does.

Nintendo can market this thing easily compared to what it does better compared to the DS:

"3D-Glass free-gaming"
"3D Camera"
"3D Movies"
"Better graphics"
"motion controlled gaming"
"augmented reality" (they will offer cards which will produce mini games right in front of you, and imagine if they even went a step further and did stuff on a bigger scale);
"Backwards compatible"

I love the disagree fairy.

Samus HD3729d ago


I love the disagree fairy. :P

live2play3729d ago

and sony followers are complaining about the price despite the fact the psp and psp go were at that price too and did considerably less

Trroy3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

The 3DS is doomed to follow the footsteps of the PSP, as far as its games library goes.

People never take into consideration that making a fancier game costs a LOT more money. Games companies aren't in the biz to make you smile on the way to and from work. They don't flush money away, so that fanboys can win fanboy wars, either.

The DS was hot -- and it was cheap to make games for it. There are many, many DS games which cost well under $1M to make.

DS had lots of software... DS games were cheap to make... PSP had less software than DS... PSP games more expensive to make... not a coincidence folks.

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Street fighter is around 40 dollars.
Thats still about the price of a NDS game...

I do think that production costs have also gone down in these last few years.

Most of their stuff comes from their HD counterpart. Its then just down graded to suite the 3DS platform. Lots of games dont even use stuff like Normal mapping. So i doubt prices will be around console games.

gta28003729d ago

"Games companies aren't in the biz to make you smile on the way to and from work"

Maybe third party devs. Sony's first party devs seem to. Or at least they always put a huge fuck!n smile on my face when I pop those bad boys in my PS3.

Stealth20k3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

The 3ds is already sold out basically......... and on pace to have a bigger launch than the ds had

DuneBuggy3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I dont think its overpriced.I mean wasnt the PSP $249.00 6 years ago when it launched?
If the market dictates that the 3DS is too expensive, it will be $199.00 by the end of the year and sell better.

RyuCloudStrife3729d ago

do people moan so much about the price? to me its fairly priced if not underprices because of its features 3D and to top it, its glasses-less.... also for me it'll be 180 bucks at lunch because i already preordered in december so its WIN-WIN for me!!!!

And im getting the PSP2 of course.

ChickeyCantor3729d ago

I think the Price is a bit high for a handheld. But I am not sure if its really justified. 3DS comes with lots of features in a compact device.

3 cameras.
Motion sensors.
customizable 2D/3D screen.
SD slot.
And then some.

I can understand that some will say that some parts dont even costs that much, but i think most of the price goes back into, what went into R&D. Always will be like that.

Trroy3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Sorry sidar, I have to pick apart your list. No offense.

3 cameras. ...VGA cameras. The stereoscopic thing is cool though.. but expensive? no.

Motion sensors... how useful is that on a console where the controller and the screen are one and the same, though? I don't want to waggle the screen while playing, do I? Particularly not in close quarters... like a bus.

Touchscreen... cheap nowadays

customizable 2D/3D screen... you make it sound like a spiffy feature, but really its a necessity for the 3D tech, and the screen is horribly low rez.

SD slot... um.. I can't think of a portable device that doesn't have such a thing.

Wifi... again, except for decade-old PDAs.. everything has this. It doesn't have 3G, which is kinda more important.

Dpad+Slidepad... cool for games, but this doesn't justify cost, especially when there are cheap phones with entire keyboards.

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

"I can understand that some will say that some parts dont even costs that much, but i think most of the price goes back into, what went into R&D. Always will be like that."

I think you missed that part.

Remember those Microsoft touch tables?
Yeah their components are CHEAP, but most the price is upped to earn back the R&D.

My point is that there are lots of features in a COMPACT device.

xino3729d ago

or maybe people are complaining about the price because the 3DS is a last gen handheld, it's just the 3D glasses that's hiding the shame just like how said (great article).

PS3 slim Cost £219 on!

3DS is not even that powerful, it looks better than PsP and DS. But PsP 2 is as powerful as PS3. And I will be glad to surely pay £230 for a powerful system like PsP2.

Not paying £230 for a 3ds less powerful than PsP2, with less features of PsP2, and battery that doesn't last very long!

The publisher NINTENDO wants you to use less 3D so the battery life can prolong. WTF? If you force me to use less 3D, then wtf am I using a 3DS if I can't use 3D to prolong the battery life?

another trash words of a loyalist who doesn't know wtf he's saying! A fair price my ass!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

live2play3729d ago

how cute x] you actually think the psp2 will be that cheap. my bet 499.99 USD sony doesnt care about you kid, nintendo is consumer friendly they couldve easily charged 50-100 bucks more on the 3ds
psp and psp go are lesser than a 3ds and they cost the same when released! you think psp2 will cost close to a 3ds xD hahh in your fanboy dreams

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