INFAMOUS 2: Is the Graphical Leap Evolutionary?

GB: "It’s a well known fact that sequels on the PlayStation 3 tend to look better. We have seen live examples in Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, which was a ridiculous evolution of the franchise compared to Drakes Fortune. We also have Resistance 2, the shooter that was released in 2008 that looks so much better than the launch game. There are other sequels too which have have looked better as time has gone. Obviously one of the reasons of this evolution is that developers are now pretty much well versed with the PS3′s architecture."


TITLE CHANGED: INFAMOUS 2: A Revolutionary Graphical Leap?

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gameseveryday3736d ago

This shows the power of the ps3 evolving through the years. I just cant wait to see the next 5 years,damn the visuals!

halocursed3736d ago

The electric charge looks better on infamous IMO.

zootang3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Well just look what happened with the PS2 in the later years with quality developers. Sony knows how to pick'em.

IcarusOne3736d ago

Yeah I don't see a huge jump. But I was never complaining about the look of the first one, so it's all good.

SnuggleBandit3736d ago

This website and its owner are garbage.

lh_swe3736d ago

Really!? I think it looks vastly improved...especially the effects surrounding electicity, it doesn't look as cartoonish anymore, and that goes for cole's character model as well...aside from that it just looks crisper and cleaner to me...I don't see how you could miss that tbh O.o

Ju3736d ago

Everything has improved. I mean, everything is sharper, more details, better lightning, higher res, better AA. I am almost inclined saying those inFamous2 shots were brushed up. That's how good they look.

Commander_TK3736d ago

It's certainly no PC graphics leap, but a good one overall.

Ifone3735d ago

Sure pctroll, show us some god of war, kz3, uncharted, ratchet, lbp, infamous games with better graphics...oh wait, you can't, no matter whzt starcraft or world of warcraft in 1080p you (and me) can play :)

InTheZoneAC3735d ago

you realize the first pic is from I2 and the second is the first one, right?

Infamous 1's color palette and looks look really good, the second seems to appear a little more cartoony with brighter colors. And Cole not wearing that jacket makes him look soft lol

SuicideShaun3735d ago

lfone do you really want to jump into this argument? Because there is no turning back. At least xbox fanboys can admit there is better things. But ps3 fanboys just never stop, I know because I used to be such a huge sony fanboy when I was younger. But I eventually came to my senses and stopped pretended that it was always going to be better than things like pc. Pc doesn't always count because you can do much more with it, but don't put yourself in denial and act like all games on pc are things like starcraft. Please, just don't be in such denial.

mrcash3735d ago

the game looks smoother but I don't see a huge leap but there are some nice improvements.

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R2D23736d ago

Does any one know if my actions in the first game will transfer over to the this one? I picked the evil path and I want to keep it that way.

Neo Nugget3736d ago

Why not just do evil things in Infamous 2?

Silly Mammo3736d ago

I played through twice- once good and once evil. I don't think it will translate to the next game.

Btw- Evil was much more fun!

Biggest3736d ago

I think it was just easier. lol

Figboy3736d ago

Sucker Punch hasn't revealed any information on save files yet, but they've hinted that you should probably hold onto your inFAMOUS saves, as inFAMOUS 2 DOES have a branching story depending on your actions.

I think it's safe to say that your ending from inFAMOUS 1 will carry over to inFAMOUS 2.

I beat the game Good and Evil, but lost my saves when my PS3 died, so I'm replaying right now, on Good, then I'll do an Evil playthrough, and backup the saves just in case.

As for the topic, inFAMOUS is still a damn great looking sandbox game (I forgot how detailed the texture work and environments are in the game). The only weak link in the visuals were the character models, which just suffered from poor design, not so much detail.

inFAMOUS 2 looks insanely good, and more than likely will be the bestlooking sandbox game thus far upon it's release. That's a tall order, considering how many great looking sandbox games there are this gen (Red Dead Redemption, GTAIV, Assassin's Creed series).

Sucker Punch has shown that they know how to make an awesome sequel. Sly 2 was better than Sly 1 in every way, so I'm expecting inFAMOUS 2 to be better than inFAMOUS 1 in every way.

Rage_S903736d ago

im told it will transfer since the endings are significantly different

SpinalRemains1383736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Some do both so I don't think it will roll over. The story will be anew and you will probably have new choices to make.

On topic, this will be game of the year. Without a doubt, almost all the sites will select this over UC3. This game really does seem great so far. The first was simply awesome as well.

Spydiggity3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

the evil path??!!!?? what a rebel you must feel like.

the game had two choices to experience the full game...full evil or full good guy. i bet you think you did something special by appealing specifically to the one end of the spectrum vs the other.

thanks for the laugh.

EDIT: The answer is, NO, your moronic one-dimensional character won't carry over. because this game, just like the last, will be equally one dimensional.

Cenobia3735d ago


So...did InFamous kill your family or something?

Spydiggity3734d ago

no, it's just a really crappy game that gets unwarranted praise simply because it's a ps3 exclusive. and it's a sad reminder of how unoriginal and boring gaming (not all games, but most) is becoming because the publishers make games for the mass market appeal. which means we're always going to trade off depth and quality of gameplay and story for mediocre experiences that unintelligent people can enjoy in short bursts in between sending 8 character text messages.

Cenobia3733d ago


I don't see what was wrong with Infamous' story. Did you play it all the way through? It had a cool twist ending and it pretty much explained everything that happened in the game while teasing the sequels.

It's not the Grapes of Wrath or anything, but imo it has a superior story to most games out there. I mean, you should be getting pissed at games like Army of Two.

I also don't see how the gameplay was 'unoriginal'. The way you travel and the powers you have all seemed pretty original. The slow reveal of your powers also kept things moving (though I would have preferred that the travel powers were immediate).

The good and evil paths were binary, but they gave replay value to the game. I have yet to see a game that really does anything more than that, despite what they claim, although I haven't played the recent Bioware games so I can't speak to those experiences.

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showtimefolks3736d ago

i think infamous 2 is way under the radar or it would be its still a few months from release and once KZ3 is out of the way it all the hype will go to this. but socom 4 also comes out around April right?

busy few months or busy year i guess

RatherHavaBigGirl3736d ago

hope it doesn't have uc2 controls. If it does no buy. The first infamouse controlled so smooth. HmmmmI wonder what Haze2 will look like

InTheLab3736d ago

When I looked at your username, I thought "why would Nathan Drake want to be that little kid from the PSP commercials".....

Mmmkay3735d ago

that's the best trolling you can come up with after being banned for a week?

RatherHavaBigGirl3735d ago

I didn't know I was banned and I expect being banned on this ps3-fanboy pos site anyway. I only own a ps3 and it's my preferred console but the sony fanatasism here is fucking pathetic. I don't troll, I merely state opinions and guess what? If they aren't in praise of ps3 I get banned. No name calling, no I vain insults, just opinions. If someone shits on the xbox 360 it's overlooked and gets many agrees. Lmao sad people devote that much of themselves to an imaginary war

Cenobia3735d ago


I'd play that game.

BlackTar1873735d ago

"HmmmmI wonder what Haze2 will look like"

Thats you opinion? Please explain to all of us what you meant by that please so we can all get a better understanding what you mean so we don't jump to conclusions.

No one believes you. you seem like a fanatical teenager.

RatherHavaBigGirl3735d ago


it meant what It said. I wonder what haze2 will be like since the first didn't do the concept justice. Was an ok game but coulda been great. And lmao who is 'we'? The ps3-police?! roflmao! :D I'm imagining you and a group of fanboys, arms folded trying to interrogate me about MY opinion overs GAMES! Lmao! Nice to know my gaming preferences have such an impact on your fanboyish ego

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GooZe3736d ago

it doesnt look that much better.

jwk943735d ago

Judging by these pictures, no there wasn't much of a leap.
Judging from the gameplay that we've seen of infamous 2 in action? Hell yeah there was a leap.

Karum3735d ago

It's not the PS3's power that has evolved, that's just not possible.

Rather it's the developers skills and their technology and processes which have evolved...which for us is pretty damn awesome!!

Spydiggity3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

the next 5 years?

god you are such a fanboy!

if i have to live through this same crappy generation for 5 more years, i will have completely given up on console gaming.

also...i own infamous and it looks like crap. there is not a single impressive visual element in the entire game. these are bull shots.

i know the moron fanboys will disagree...that's to be expected. but truth is truth. infamous is a PoS.

RealtorMDandDC3735d ago

wow...dude...I will have to disagree... but you are entitled to ur opinion..tho

I really enjoyed...inFamous....but hey that's my opinion

BlackTar1873735d ago

LOL at you sir lol at you.

360 man3735d ago

the new red faction looks light years better than this

m23453735d ago

SuicideShaun: when have 360 fanboys admitted there are better things? i won't deny there are amazing pc games out there because i used to game on the pc but imfamous 2 is shaping up to be another amazing game. no one can deny that.

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SuperStrokey11233736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

What up with teh big scar on his face in teh 4th pic? I bet that comes from the battle with the beast at the beginning.

Also screen shots are nice but seeing it in motion is where the real evidence is.

gameseveryday3736d ago

Or may be thats due to his bad karma?

SuperStrokey11233736d ago

That could be it too, really looking forward to this game. Loved the first one.

jwk943735d ago

It was already confirmed it was from the beast.

crystalnova20043736d ago

Though the sequel looks better technically, I kind of prefer the more brooding colour palette and tone of the original Infamous. Still can't wait to see how Infamous 2 turns out though

stephmhishot3736d ago

Wow looking back, even tho it was graphically a little rough on the eyes compared to some other PS3 exclusives, inFamous looks pretty damn good in retrospect.

MintBerryCrunch3736d ago

i dont know why they bothered messing with his face...they went with the 1st change, people got up in arms, and now we have mix of the original and the new character...imo the two look nothing alike...i think Cole was a great character...what prompted the change at Sucker Punch is an interesting question