L.A. Noire Official Trailer #2

RockstarGames Writes: Watch the all-new Official Trailer #2 for L.A. Noire, a dark crime thriller set amidst the corrupt and violent undercurrents of Hollywood's post-war Golden Age. L.A. Noire tells the story of WWII hero and aspiring young detective, Cole Phelps as he solves cases and climbs the ranks of the LAPD.

Focusing on Cole's experiences working the various desks of the LAPD and attempting to solve a series of potentially linked gruesome murders, today's trailer is comprised completely of in-game footage.

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Raendom3731d ago

Yes! This looks incredible. Looks a lot like Heavy Rain and HR was one of my fave games last year.

Kurisu3731d ago

Yea, it does remind me a lot of Heavy Rain as well, which is why I'm looking forward to L.A Noire! I wonder if it will have similar gameplay elements?

ksense3731d ago

I just went and preordered the game on amazon!!!

MintBerryCrunch3731d ago

what would make this great is if you can progress through the game and improve your ability to pick up peoples facials ques and speech impediments when they are lying or hiding something...looking at the facial would be perfect for the game

Hydrolex3731d ago

reminded me of Dexter except dexter isn't in the movie, so detectives have a job to do lol

Xbox360PS3AndPC3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Similiar Gameplay Elements Such As Pointless 3 Hour Excess Stuff Like Turning On The Microwave Then NO

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JackBNimble3731d ago

I sure hope the game mechanics are nothing like HR , One HR is about all I could take.

I would real like to see some gameplay videos, I am very curious how this game works.

gillri3731d ago

yeah Heavy Rain when it got it right was GOTY, was just a bit inconsistent at times

but it was soo moody and atmospheric, this also looks to be another cerebral atmospheric game

nice change from big shouty angry men with guns everywhere

released at a good time too,

MGRogue20173731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Oh my....

Definately something you should be keeping your eye on..

NobleRed3731d ago

I'm not preordering the game until I know how good the ps3 version runs.

I'm not gone do the same mistake again like I did with Red Dead Redemption.

Kurisu3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Yea, all this footage is probably from the 360 version. That's what usually happens. Heres hoping that the team take care to ensure that both versions run equally as smoothly as eachother.

NobleRed3731d ago

Yep Kurisu. Like always they show a PC/360 Trailer and the ps3 version will be downgraded.

Figboy3731d ago

Red Dead Redemption on PS3 was awesome.

I know, because that's the version I have.

It's graphical issues were GREATLY exaggerated. Don't get me wrong, the 360 version definitely had the graphical edge, but people were acting like RDR on PS3 looked like this:

That was a debacle of epic proportions.

RDR on PS3/360 looked like this:

Hardly the same thing, and on MY tv, the visuals look fantastic.

For the record, I'm probably going to get LA Noire on the 360 barring it's only on 1 disc, as I'm trying to get more games on my 360 after my PS3 died last year, and I couldn't play 98% of my gaming library, because I buy all my games (multi-plats included) on the PS3.

If it's a single player game where the controller won't be an issue, I'm going to start buying them on the 360. Multiplayer games I'll get on the PS3 because of the free online.

Lamarthedancer3731d ago

I wish they would put Rocky and Mugsy from Looney Tunes as an easter egg in the game. That would be awesome

......ok I know stupid idea :)

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