ORION: Prelude @ KIckStarter - Carrier's Trailer Revealed

Indie Developer Spiral Game Studios has revealed their Carrier Trailer for their KickStarter Initiative.

Up until now you have seen quite a lot of “placeholder” content. This includes the characters, dinosaurs, weapons - pretty much everything. We have been working endlessly to finalize the new content - and we are ready to show you the first pieces!

Today marks the official reveal and announcement of the finalized design and style for the human faction - The Carriers. We’ve gone back and had quite a few artists re-establish the foundation for these bad asses - and now they are even more badass because of it. Featuring a much more slick, near-body and panel design, we are proud to show off the Assault class"

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Praz3355d ago

We have tons of other screens and information posted up on the company site as well - for anyone that wants to dive a little deeper in this update:

Help the indies - save the dinosaurs :)

Goldchocobo3355d ago

Nice, beautiful song/graphics