This Super Meat Boy Animated 3D Film Is Super Badass Crazy Awesome

RipTen: I seriously could not think of a more eloquent way to describe this 3D animariffic take on RipTen’s 2010 Game of The Year.

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CrzyFooL2822d ago

That was super badass crazy awesome.

Yi-Long2822d ago

... everything about it was totally awesome!

KingNintendoFanboy2822d ago

I'm still holding out for the Wii Version!

CrzyFooL2822d ago

They said it's totally happening at GDC

Hitman07692822d ago

Oh wow, Meat Boy don't take no bs!! Bad a$$

jaredhart2822d ago

I thought SMB was co game of the year with RDR.

Neat video.

Drjft2822d ago

Muted the sound straight away >.<

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