'Dead Space 2' Hard Core Mode Will Make You Cry

MTV: When "Dead Space 2" hits stores tomorrow, people will have to decide what difficulty level is best for them. On easier difficulties, the game plays like an action game, akin to "Gears of War," with plenty of ammo and health. As the difficulty levels increase, though, the game becomes more like its survival horror roots, with minimal ammo, few health packs and enemies who can rip you to shreds in a moment.

The hardest difficulty level you can select at the start is Zealot, which is definitely a challenge. But it's nothing compared to Hard Core, the mode you unlock when you complete the game on any difficulty level.

Here's the concept of Hard Core mode: You have three saves in total for the entire game. If you die, you revert back to your last save. Oh, and the difficulty level is as hard as Zealot. In a word: Punishing.

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xino3736d ago

this is not news!

of course Hard-core mode will be extremely difficult because it's the hardest difficulty!

Farking hell man, it's like saying you will get stress blood pressure 90 when you play Master Ninja in Ninja Gaiden...DUH! Because it's meant to be difficult!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

LoneWanderer093735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Awesome it better be Hardcore