TGV: Must-have games of 2010 — A Buyer's Guide

Excerpt: Have you woken up lately feeling like P. Diddy—moneybags and all? Maybe you were scraping by in 2010 and missed a lot of the good games, but things are looking up now and you’d definitely like to revisit those missed titles, right? Right! Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of games from 2010 that should not be missed for absolutely any reason!

We’ve divvied it up by quarters and provided convenient links to grab ‘em online!

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Herminator3732d ago

I still have some must-plays left over, like Limbo.

RustyMagus3732d ago

Good list with some excellent titles throughout. I especially enjoyed the dig at Call of Duty towards the end there. Good show!

borisfett3732d ago


/end thread.

Sidology3732d ago

It JUST SO HAPPENED that Bayonetta was the first incredible game released last year.

Thankfully not the last, but I would've been okay with it either way.

Karuto3731d ago

The guide is incomplete. You can get NieR on PS3 for $10.


Sidology3731d ago

I was actually ready to put Nier on there, but I opted for Super Mario Galaxy 2.