PlayStation Meeting: Now We Know the Time

Alongside the timing of the PSP2 announcement which was reported earlier today. Andriasang posted what seems to be the first image of the PSP2. Take a look it seems to carry the same slider design as the prototype though not as wide.

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30sec4931d ago

Well now that's sexy. DUAL STICKS!

TreMillz4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

To me the design looks legit, considering how the "PSP" phone looks close to how it looks, and with rumors about sony using flash cards as game media seems like its a given, but this is the first mention of a stylus so now im like hmmm

darthv724930d ago

design. Not much different than the GO but why the use of SD cards? I would think Sony would stick to using MSPD or the M2.

The stylus is a nice addition.

WhittO4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I like the design and it makes sense to slide controls since all of the media functions etc can be navigated using the touchscreen.

I can't wait for the PSP2, especially with a smaller version of the cell processor inside! Which they will prob under-clock therefore saving alot of battery and keep it cool, but would still pump out amazing visuals on a screen that size!!

Would put apples A4 in the iPhone4 to total shame.

And the amount of functionality and features it will have will put the 3DS to shame.
The psp 1 already does that so I can't imagine how much better the PSP2 will be!

I was planning on getting an iPhone 5 but if they do it right with PSP2, I'm just going to keep my 3GS and move all of my media stuff (like Music/Games/Web/Videos) to this.

Just PLLEEASSEE give it a good battery! That will be my only concern.

Also, anyone think they might do a refresh of PSN to go with the new launch? Maybe a facelift for it on PSP2/PS3?

- Edit - I don't know why there is a stylus if it is a multi touch screen? Sort of makes it useless, especially since the screen will 99% likely be capacitive (unlike the DS resistive screen). They will prob use the same tech they use in their sony ericsson smartphones.

whoelse4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I'd say that picture is an obvious fake. Firstly I don't think Sony will be using their memory sticks again, so they'll just use micro SDs. Secondly, it doesn't make much sense to use SD or Memory Sticks for games because that will just be a hand to the pirates. Instead if it does have an option for physical games, they'll probably invent another type of flash drive that only PSP2s can read, like Nintendo have done for years.

Thirdly, the Xperia Play has a very unique analogue stick system. I would be surprised if Sony ditched it and just added two old PSP thumb sticks on this instead.

Fourthly, what would be the point in adding a stylus? No one wants it.

Finally the picture is of poor quality, perhaps to cover up for the fact that it is photoshopped? It's clearly supposed to look like a Sony press image and yet there isn't any sign of "copyright Sony Computer Entertainment anywhere".

Istanbull4930d ago

Wow this looks sexy! I hope everything they say about this machine is true!

TheLastGuardian4930d ago

Nice design but not exactly what I was expecting. If I wanted SD cards and a stylus I would've gotten a DS. I'm good with normal buttons but I guess sony wants to appeal to a bigger audience with touch controls.

Since it looks like the PSPhone design, I wonder if the PSPhone is a PSP2 that can make phone calls.

rbrtchng4930d ago

Actually there were rumors that the PSP2 would use some sort of touch screen for a long time now.

ThanatosDMC4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

One thing i found weird is why there is a stylus when the touch pad is in the back. Does the screen flip to the other side? I wonder...

Also, i doubt it'd be using those big sticks... but who knows.

badz1494930d ago

but I can be sure that the PSP2 will have touch screen. it's becoming so common nowadays that if the PSP2 doesn't have it, it will look kinda 'outdated'! can't wait for the real deal!

longcat4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

the stylus will be necessary in eastern regions that need handwriting recognition due to their extensive alphabets

the presence of a stylus actually makes this seem more legit

KingDustero4930d ago

IMO it looks really fake. The middle buttons seem to look flat IMO.

Also supposedly it was supposed to have the same shape as the original PSP. Rumors said that it was overheating when the slide design, seen in these pics.

Now all of these are just rumors, but I myself don't think that is the actual system pictured there.

Also there is no use for a touch screen at all on it with that design. I doubt it'll have a touch screen. The rumors about it having a touch pad on the back make much more sense. That way there is actually a use for it in games. There is no way to use the screen while playing a game with a the shape of the console pictured in the article. On top of that what is the use of a stylus for? It wouldn't be comfortable holding it at all while using the console pictured.

There are more reasons why I believe that picture is fake, but in the end what is shown in the picture overall looks poorly photo-shopped and the features shown have no use and while using it for games.

Does anyone else agree with me?

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lil Titan4930d ago

i hope that stylus doesn't come with it, but does that confirm touchscreen? oh yeah agree if you hate those automatic video ads smh

darthv724930d ago

seems only obvious as pretty much that is a standard now on portable devices like this.

I would think a stylus would scratch more than a finger tip. Unless they have new scratch proof screens.

WhittO4930d ago

if it has a multi-touch display I highly doubt a stylus will come with it! Since I'm guessing the OS and games will take advantage of the multi-touch and since most screens now are capacitive (as they all should be!) you need a special kind of stylus for it to be recognised.

showtimefolks4930d ago

expect the psp2 since its already leaked every where also expect many sale numbers like ps3 lifetime sale and move stuff

when is GDC?

StbI9904930d ago

Psp2 leaked?...any links?

FinalSpartan4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

please say that is not the final design whats up with the ugly grey bottom?! looks like cheap plastic. PSPGO looks much slicker.

the fan render looks much better. :D

dragunrising4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Solid industrial design. If half of the things are true about PSP2 it will make for a compelling handheld. I'm intrigued by the stylus...

thisisxbox4930d ago

I have to get me some of THAT!!!! Looks amazing, and touchscreen too. Drooling already.

Unfortunately I am on holiday very soon - at Sea too so wont get to know anything until I come back mid Feb! - Damn

NBT914930d ago

dunno about you but I only have two thumbs, how are you supposed to control both sticks and push buttons?

Rattlehead204930d ago

Errm...The same way you do with a controller?

xAlmostPro4930d ago

if it has touch screen maybe the stylus is for things like web browsing/typing. some people like the stylus or maybe its a mini motion controller :L

alien6264929d ago

ill belive this i see a pic or video of someone holding it or being next to it

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Pedantic914931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Although the model looks sexy as hell, but it doesn't really fit the rumors about it overheating and changing it to a PSP1000 model.

But lets hope im wrong and Sony managed to change it to some thing similar to this.

Also the image looks a bit "too real", i doubt an image of a yet-to-be-announced, yet-to-be-released would leak just like that.

Cloudberry4931d ago

It has stylus too?

It's similar with 3DS' stylus design???

ThanatosDMC4930d ago

I like your avatar... hahaha!

Raendom4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

I hope there is a live stream somewhere instead of just a blog.