Xbox 360 To Launch In South Africa This Autumn

Microsoft today announced that it will launch Xbox 360, the next-generation video games and entertainment system, in South Africa at midnight on Friday, 29 September 2006.

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SEER5029d ago

South Africa? Is that a rich or 'better off' area? Obviously they'll only launch in well-off established towns and cities.

TheMART5029d ago

Oh yeah, like Capetown is a booming area

borncult5029d ago

Im from Cape Town and already own a Xbox360 imported,360 is becoming increasingly popular here,cant wait for the launch!

kewlkat0075029d ago

wow I didn't think this Board is so diverse.. "I met a girl from south Africa here in the states..she sucks"..anyhow I'm glad your enjoying the 360 bro..

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