CVG:Unreal Engine couldn't handle Crysis 2 - Crytek

CVG:Crytek has told CVG that its CryEngine 3 could have fuelled the development of "pretty much any other game" - but claimed that its rivals, including Epic Games' Unreal Engine, would struggle to power Crysis 2.

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NYC_Gamer3737d ago

i agree,the unreal engine is just too old by tech standards.

EL1TE3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I agree as well.

Comparison here:

NYC_Gamer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

i expect many devs to sway from that old unreal engine once the cry engine becomes standard for multi plat use.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


definitely. The CryEngine makes multiplatform development so much easier.

Active Reload3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"i agree,the unreal engine is just too old by tech standards"

You no absolutely nothing about tech, lol.

Crytek needs to release more variety of games with their engine. Both engines look good, but to be on Epic's level your engine better be super flexible and easy to work with also.

hennessey863737d ago

not really a fair comparison that elite and the unreal engine can still produce stunning games. see bulletstorm and gears 3 for proof, cry engine has not even been used in a console game before crysis 2 so when that releases or when i check out the demo tomorow then we wil see whats what

IaMs123737d ago

Gears 2 still looks amazing but course Cryengine 3 be better graphics. Compare the UE4 and CryEngine 3 be little more fair.

But it seems like the consoles are struggling a little to run the Cryengine3, at least showed it that demo.

EL1TE3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

There's no UE4 yet, and Gears 3 uses an updated UE3 engine (UE3.5).

I couldn't find any other comparison, and even if there's one at this time it would be a Tech Demo as well since CryEngine 3 (Crysis 2) isn't out yet to compare. :)

And i also agree that UE3 made a lot of good games from it, like Bioshock, Gears, Mass Effect 2 etc.

However it doesn't mean CE3 can't do better.

Active Reload3737d ago

I'm sorry but Gears 3 has the most significant jump in graphics I've seen this gen.

gamingdroid3737d ago

How a game looks is less important than how a game plays!

Let's take a look at that demo of Crysis 2 tomorrow shall we and then decide....

Inside_out3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Crytek loves to talk but where are the games to compare??? Sure, there are tech videos available running on some massive rig somewhere but where are the games.

No 2 PC's are the same so everyone has basically had a different experience with Crytek games...most have had headaches trying to get the things to run

Luckily, that's not the case for Unreal and the library of games using the tech is unprecedented...lets take a peak shall we...

First up some modified Unreal 2.5 games...

Bioshock 1...

SC Conviction...

Impressive stuff for the older engine best known for SC Chaos

Of Course, Unreal 3 is known for it's ease of use and versatility...just drool over some of these games...

Mirrors edge changed FPS's forever with there incredible use of FPS's mechanics on display here using a modified Unreal 3 engine by Dice...It's now the norm with Brink and KZ 3 trying to use similar motions...Pay attention to the color palette, animations and awesome vista's...

What about this blow them away footage from the single player in MOH...this looks incredible...feel free to notice the lighting and draw distance...WoW

Batman Arkham Asylum almost won GOTY and did in fact win many can SEE play and graphics FTW...look at the scale and detail in this...

Bioshock Infinite is in development by the original makers Irrational games and they are excited by the new updates to Unreal 3...we can SEE their excitement in this reveal...

Maybe Crytek is worried about the other Unreal game about to drop on Feb does look pretty...remember play and graphics...

Tech demos are a dime a dozen...Unreal's latest...

Now, Unreal is all about the consoles...Crytek is still unproven and Gears 3 will be the yardstick in 2011...judge for yourself...Tech demo's are nice BUT we want to see in game proof...take a look...WoW

It better be good in the multi-player arena...dedicated servers shows Epic is gonna big in 2011...

Gears will put on display the latest Unreal tech. The game will have a single player campaign, 4 player story based co-op, Horde mode with new beast mode and dedicated server multi-player. New enemies, new weapons, new everything...that's gonna be tough to beat.

BTW...there are many more games that use the Unreal engine.

FrigidDARKNESS3737d ago

that's comparing it to the old Unreal Engine 3. They should compare it to the new UE3.5 which has much better texturing and lighting.

Sarcasm3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I think if you compare the engines head to head, Cryengine has dynamic EVERYTHING while UE is all pre-scripted unless combined with PhysX or Havok. It's not about textures or lighting anymore.

Take a look at that video at 1:45

Now where on consoles or any other engine have you see that level of detailed destruction? And that's with Crysis one.

So Cez, stop defending outdated tech.

Gamer_Z3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Idk they both look really good i think we can all agree that they both look better than Black Ops! BO looks like crap that’s for sure. Will it look better than Killzone 3 i think not it might come close on the PC but fact that it is multiplatform keeps it from being the best visually, its definitely the best looking multiplat game. Everybody that says that the Xbox has games that looks as good as UC3 and Killzone 3 show me! Show me a game that looks as good as this:

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dangert123737d ago

i look at what ive seen on the ps3 and i look at crysis 2 on console and i don't think its special to be honest with you but at the same time i never thought the Unreal engine was special either

LunaticBrandon3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Of course Crysis 2 looks like nothing special on PS3. Sony and their 1st party devs have the PS3's hardware mastered. If anyone could beat Sony on their own console it would be Crytek or id but I don't see it yet. Crysis 2 will look a thousand times better than anything on the PS3 but that will be the PC version.

nycredude3737d ago


give it a break. "Crysis 2 will look a thousand times better than anything on the PS3 but that will be the PC version". Get of the drugs bro.

dangert123737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


thats why i said on console.
i don't take should assume stuff if you don't understand

lmao my bad i thought you was calling me a lunatic lool then saying all that to me lol my bad

cyborg69713737d ago

Wow, thems fightin words. And I agree the unreal engine is a out dated and over used engine. However some devs can put great looking games on all platforms. Batman AA comes to mind.

the_best_player3737d ago

Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 engines owns both

EvilC3737d ago

played uncharted 2 again yesterday that game still looks amazing even uncharted 1 looks amazing

units3737d ago

both killzone and uncharted are linear as hell

Strange_Evil3737d ago

^^ so when was something like Gears running on Unreal open world? Hell Gears doesn't even allow you to jump a step if it's not in the 'Script' and you always hit an invisible wall which is far more linear than Killzone or Uncharted, at least those games hide their linearity better by scale.

The reason why the games are linear is to provide a more cinematic experience. If there was a dire need of an open world engine I am pretty sure Naughty Dog or Guerilla Games will be up for the task and produce something that could easily challenge these 2 engines.

gijsbrecht3737d ago

@ Units You really think Crysis 2 wil be some open world game? Dream on.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3737d ago

Im sure they tried to use the unreal engine for their games to validate this statement, ohh wait they would never try or even consider this as they make their own engines.

Crytek sure loves to make stupid PR statements about other peoples products, theirs must be lacking possibly?

All I know is that a CRAP LOAD of Awesome games have been made using the unreal engine, while NO awesome games have been made using theirs. Maybe theirs will be the first, but Im starting to doubt it as they seem to talk about other companies and games alot more then they talk about their own.

Im looking forward to this game, but im expecting something amazing with all the talking they have been doing for the last year.

Has anyone heard anything interesting about this game besides the engine and graphics, or how its "better than [insert proven franchise game here]."

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MarioWarfare3737d ago

Imo Gears of war 3 looks better than what I have seen of crysis 2 console versions so far

SuperStrokey11233737d ago

I gotta agree, Crysis 2 just isnt that good looking imo. Gears looks better in that video for sure.

NYC_Gamer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

@Active Reload

i guess he's talking about these ugly vehicles

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3737d ago

Yup... that's the part of the game I was talking about. But I didn't say the vehicles were ugly. The design of them is actually pretty good. It's just that the textures make it look like they're made of rubber instead of metal.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I've actually always thought the weapons, vehicles and even some of the characters in Gears looked like they were made out of rubber.


In Gears 2 there was this part where you were on a moving vehicle mowing down some locusts and at at the end this huge beast showed up. It all looked like rubber.

Ares84PS33737d ago

Well thing is UE is much older than the CryEngine 3 is it not?

Also I want to see a game running on the CryEngine other than Crysis and I want to see it on consoles not on PC.

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