Is PSP2 as powerful as PS3?‎

Eurogamer: If the rumours are correct, Sony will lift the lid on PSP2 – arguably the industry's worst kept secret – later this week in Japan. And Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has further fuelled speculation by telling Eurogamer that suggestions the console is as powerful as PS3 are "true".

Speaking to us at last week's Nintendo 3DS event in Amsterdam, industry veteran Cousens said, "We're at the tip of the iceberg" of portable gaming, as "mobile phones have only just got going" - with 3DS and PSP2 set to join the fray.

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DA_SHREDDER2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

The ps4 is here!!!! I'll laugh my ass off if it has more RAM than the ps3. lol

Venatus-Deus2827d ago

No... and with the smaller screen it won't have to be to achieve some stunning handheld graphics that could be similar to the PS3. Maybe.

30sec2827d ago

Not just a smaller screen, an OLED screen. Maybe isn't in the equation.

rockleex2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Even if the device itself costs a lot, I hope the 3G service plans allow you the option to reduce the initial cost of the device by paying for it monthly in your 3G bill.

Kind of like what you can do with most cellphone plans.

LoVeRSaMa2827d ago

It does not need to be the same power to produce the same graphics as the PS3 as it does not have to display 1080p resolution (obviously)

I do believe we will see visuals equal to the PS3 at the smaller resolution with the right developers of course.

WhittO2827d ago

It may have some of the same tech as the ps3 (like the cell processor) but smaller versions and will probably be under-clocked to keep it from sucking all the power or generating too much heat.
Even if it was going to try for the same quality of visuals etc of the ps3, it only has to display them on a tiny screen in comparison to a 42 inch 1080p/60fps display, so much less power will be needed to push the visuals under a lower resolution.

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SuperStrokey11232827d ago

Why would you laugh at all? It probably will have more ram. The iphone has 512 megs and the next one will likely have a gig. If the psp2 didnt have more ram than a 5 year old system then i would be wondering what they were thinking at Sony.

Kurylo3d2827d ago

its cause people are still trying to justify their original $700 purchase of the ps3 years ago. lol... They thought the ps3 had limitless technology because of this magical processor they called the cell... that got discontinued lol

SuperStrokey11232827d ago

The cell wasnt discontinued... its showing up in MORE places now... please go troll else where.

MisterAV2827d ago

but PSP2 haven't to run iOS... so it doesn't need XXXGB of RAM just to keep the animation when you flip the phone but don't having real multitasking...

Bolts2826d ago

The Cell is showing up in more places? Like where?

SuperStrokey11232826d ago

Video transcoding cards

and more. Its certainly not dead.

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Blaze9292827d ago

That battery better be as powerful as the sun then...

guitarded772827d ago

I heard their putting a fusion reactor in it.

30sec2827d ago

Not really. OLED screens use 40% the power need to run an LED screen. That alone is tremendous power savings. But continue thinking this is the 3DS.

rockleex2827d ago

Partially solar-powered 3G online gaming on the go?!?!

Sign me up! >:D

SnakeMustDie2827d ago

I want a powerful handheld but the rumored specs and features of PSP2 is ridiculous that Sony might price it at 400+.

Lyr1c2827d ago

I'd buy it.

Hell, I'd probably even buy a 3DS at $400.

Snake-eater2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Just hope it won't be ridiculously expensive like the beast that was the PS3 at launch

Joni-Ice2827d ago

Yes I know what you mean. I bought a PS3 at launch for $600 however at that time I had a better job. This time around I cant afford to spend that type of money.

Ares84PS32827d ago

I'm not much of a handheld gamer myself but I'm interested in how this will look.

30sec2827d ago

When you eat your words, do you enjoy a nice wine?

y0haN2827d ago

Putting the power of a PS3 in a handheld is just pointless at this point. Not to mention impossible. Think of the size of the PS3 and the heat output it has.

Hairy Chewie2827d ago

It's all relative. The PS3 is a powerful machine, but we're talking about displaying something on a 5" screen. The PSP2 would only need a fraction of the power to get the same effect.

y0haN2827d ago

Exactly. So it's not the power of the PS3 but it's relative power, scaled to the device. But not the power of a PS3.

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