Announcement: Arcana Heart 3 Heading to Europe

Ready Up are very pleased to announce that Zen United will be releasing PQube’s Arcana Heart 3 across Europe for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year.

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crematory3737d ago

thats awesome news , THIS AND BBCS i'm really happy

Baka-akaB3737d ago

Cool ... looks like i'm getting every fighting games this year , except Mortal Kombat (looks great but not a fan at all of the serie)

Redempteur3737d ago

Very nice news ... For once a fighting game is confirmed in europe before USA ...

kagon013737d ago

If its not released in America I'll import it(PS3 no region lock).

RedPawn3737d ago

Very good news indeed, all I need now is KOF XIII.