Pachter Brands Gamers' Voice A 'Crybaby' Over Black Ops Threat

Gaming analyst Michael Pachter has branded the Gamers’ Voice organisation a ‘crybaby’ following news it’s to report Activision to the Office of Fair Trading over the buggy PC and PS3 versions of Black Ops.

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Lord_Doggington3735d ago

although he may be right that Gamers' Voice is a political stunt, patcher shouldn't negate gamers' needs to have buggy games fixed, particularly ones that are in the public eye

i'm disappointed w/ his response. he could have been the bigger man and said that gamers deserve to have as bug-free an experience as possible...not, GAMES ARE BUGGY. FUCK IT.

NYC_Gamer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

all the latest call of duty games have been buggy/glitch feast and people still buy its the peoples fault start buying games that deserve to be brought

Downtown boogey3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


People who say CoDs have a lot of bugs must have not played a lot of other games... They're not that buggy at all, but they're not that good either.

norman293735d ago

God he so needs a smack in the mouth

Active Reload3735d ago

I wasn't happy with Gears 2 online when it launched, but I didn't go into a rage like with what people do nowadays. I have better things to do with my time, lol.

Soldierone3735d ago

Games are buggy and COD is no exception. But can you not agree that MW2 was less buggy and better built than Black Ops? Of course going to the game now completely proves me wrong as hackers have ruined the game entirely (thanks noobs) but before when it worked.

Black Ops is getting better, but there are still disconnects and lag galore that shouldnt be there. When your last game breaks sales records, your new game is expected to do even better, wouldnt you go the extra mile to ensure its at least up to par with that recent game?

The attitude of "games are buggy, get over it" is stupid. They shouldnt be this buggy. You should want them to improve.

BattleAxe3734d ago

Pachter is only concerned with shareholders, thats why he was hoping for a subscription fee for Black Ops, he doesn't care if games are buggy.....moron.

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Lord_Doggington3735d ago

"Most bugs are patched within a reasonable time."

Really, Patcher? Really?

NYC_Gamer3735d ago

patcher was spot on in my opinion

Raendom3735d ago Show
RedRedSuitSDF3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Yep... couldn't agree more. Nothing but a bunch of whiny cry babies that will buy the next COD anyways.

Where were these groups when SOCOM 3 war released? Jesus... they could went after Zipper back then for that horrible piece of trash game.

Now THAT, was a travesty.

edit.. LMAO at the "our industry" comment. I'd actually say this is more patchers industry than yours, because he actually gets paid for being in it and reporting on it. Unless, of course, you get paid in this industry.

TreMillz3735d ago

What was wrong with SOCOM 3? Nothing was wrong to me

RedRedSuitSDF3735d ago

Holy crap really!??!? That was one of the buggiest, glitchiest games ever! From the getting killed by a gun, dying once, to having the car run you over right after giving you a double death! Door noises opening and closing all over with people in rocks, people in the sky... Zipper saying they will have fixes and patches for the game, and how they had their online community feedback system with glitched out stats and nothing working? Promise after promise for fixing that mess.

Ahhh man. Good times. :)

Active Reload3735d ago

I remeber that Socom problem, and I remember reading a review--I think it was from 1up, and they actually said in that review they were going to wait a week or so until things got ironed out to give it a score.

The Meerkat3735d ago

Are the problems really that bad?

I bet come November 2011 there will still be 5 Million+ PS3 owners who buy the new COD game.

iamnsuperman3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

its people like him that will allow unfinished games to be released. These needs to by action against games that are bug ridden though. Its unfair for gamers to by faulty products. Other industries have measures to stop things like this so should the gaming industry.

edit "If people don't like it, they can take it back to retail for a refund." No they cannot. In the UK retailers stop returns because of the risk of the disk been copied or people playing the game for a bit then returning it so not losing any money

andron3735d ago

Well, Cod have been made with the same engine since Cod4: MW and they still haven't managed to optimize it well enough on PC and PS3. That's some great work there, no need to criticize that at all..

Ravenor3735d ago

CoDTech has essentially been in use since CoD2, it's only been incremental updates for each release.

CoDTech is actually a rewritten Quake 3 Engine.

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