Bulletstorm Preview (Hooked Gamers)

Epic has been talking up Bulletstorm quite a bit recently, which is to be expected as the game hits shelves in about a month. But the ad campaign seems to just go on and on and I’m reminded of this one guy I knew back in school who really wanted to be liked and accepted, but he tried way too hard for his own good. He just came off as desperate, and that’s not attractive.

However, behind Bulletstorm’s silly ad campaign, pulpy story, exposed buttocks and over-the-top one-liners (“Pull up your skirt and slap that dildo on” is one of my favorites) seems to be an intelligent and thoughtful game. Bulletstorm seems to be a game of surprising substance.

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jdktech20103731d ago

Lol at both of you above me

This game isn't meant to be an online shooter....way to bash a game you haven't even followed well. If you had followed the game, you would know it's a single player shooter in the vain of a Painkiller back in the day.

Oh, and I'm getting both Bulletstorm and KZ3 because I can....that's why I bother