The New Theory Of Horror: Dead Space 2's Creative Director Speaks

2008's Dead Space from Electronic Arts reenergized the horror genre for the current generation, clearing the cobwebs of design conventions that had built up over the years while retaining the ideas that made the genre so beloved to gamers. Now, Dead Space 2 is about to ship and is even more evolved than its predecessor.

The sequel aims to build upon a genuine franchise at EA. Dead Space saw a Wii-exclusive spin-off in Dead Space: Extraction as well as animated videos and comics that further explored the rich universe. A live action feature film is also reportedly in the works.

In this detailed interview, creative director Wright Bagwell with Dead Space 2 developer Visceral Games delves deep into the creative process that the team followed in devising a compelling horror experience.

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Dr-Zoidberg3736d ago

I knew ever since they said it was more action that it would be a comparison from alien to aliens and funnily enough they refereed to it lol.

More importantly (though I haven't palyed it) I think it will work just fine.

SnakeMustDie3736d ago

Dead Space 2 will be a great game but in no ways it will redefine the horror genre. Amnesia easily takes that honor.

user8586213736d ago

already pre-purchased on steam xD cant wait for friday!