Will 2011 be better than 2010? Maybe not.

Nathan Drake is currently working on his difficult third album, as are Guerrilla on Killzone 3. All in all, we at Teabot feel that 2010 was a giant kick in the nuts for “hope” in the world of video games, but will 2011 be any better? Doubts are growing...

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Hitman07693737d ago

It will sure be tough to top 2010, it was an amazing year for gaming. I definitely feel like 2011 will do this though! :)

ksense3737d ago

if you own all 3 consoles or just own a ps3 2011 will be better than 2010 without a doubt. if you own only a 360 then it is too tough to call even though some of the multi platform games in 2011 are amazing.

FrankMcSpank3737d ago

Last year, there was a few great games in the first bit of the year, a few in the last, and just about nothing but DLC or Indy Games in the middle.

This year, there are about 2 PS3 exclusives a month, 2-4 Multiplat games that don't look retarded, a bunch of Kinect and Move games as well. The Wii looks like it has only a couple AAA(Zelda and Last Story), but overall, the shear amount of games coming this year make it a clear winner. Exclusive or not, you will never be able to run out of a game to play.

Christopher3737d ago

I'm not sure how to respond to this article. It was kind of all over the place and pretty much just filled with low expectations. How can I debate the possibilities? They're endless. I can only debate the reality.

Sure, 2011 _may not_ be better than 2011... but probability is currently supporting 2011 over 2010.

MintBerryCrunch3737d ago

"Sure, 2011 _may not_ be better than 2011... but probability is currently supporting 2011 over 2010. "

i think my brain just slapped itself trying to understand that

im sure you meant 2010

Christopher3737d ago

LOL. Yeah. Gotta love typos *sighs*

Christopher3735d ago

Yeah, unfortunately was too late to do that when it was pointed out to me :p

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sjaakiejj3737d ago

What games did 2010 have that were truly great? I mean, God of war 3 was fun, Heavy Rain was interesting, Haven't played Halo: Reach but heard it was good as well. But 2010 didn't really have anything that truly stood out, not even its _two_ final fantasy titles or GT5. That said, with 2011 already having started out with games such as LittleBigPlanet and Mass Effect 2, offering a future with Killzone 3, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 (a lot of 3s) and more, I'd say it has topped 2010 even before it started.

Daver3737d ago

loll 2010 cant even compare to 2011 in term of awesome games. Sure 2010 had good games but theres just too many coming out in 2011 that will be impressive.

Darkfiber3737d ago

2010 was terrible, I think I bought like 3 games the entire year.

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Jaybop3737d ago

At least there's inFamous 2 to look forward to, right? RIGHT?

matey3737d ago

YEAH IT WILL BE THE SAME GAME RESKINNED WOW CANT WAIT ITS EASY TO PLEASE U 360/PS3 GRAPHIC GEEKS ISNT IT i mean whats worse is the wii can do 360 graphics and if u like graphics so much u should be on pc its light years ahead

Parapraxis3737d ago

Can I have some of what you are on?

gillri3737d ago

yeah RDR and GOW3 won most best graphics awards last year on over 5 year old hardware, so what does that say about your awesome rigs?

I just replayed GOW3 and thats better looking than any PC I played game last year,

gillri3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

yes me too

the games i played last year were

Bioshock 2 & Minerva's den DLC
Heavy Rain
Halo Reach
Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Castlevania : LoS
Alan Wake
Amnesia : TDD (PC)
Metro 2033 (PC)

Even with all these I think I will still prefer this year

rezzah3737d ago

Yea there was a ton of awesome games last year, but this yea the game rush doesn't end. Its going all the way through to December.

Clance3737d ago

2010 was a funny old year. Got a bad feeling about 2011...

Moentjers3737d ago

sssst, still trying to keep up with 2010...
Enslaved, MOH, Batman are still waiting in a box.

gravemaker3737d ago

2011 will be best. Uncharted 3 make sure so

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