Go! Gaming Giant: Spare Parts Review

From the review:

"Adding to the growing list of games about crashing on a strange planet and collecting spare parts in order to escape, Spare Parts stars two robots named Mar-T and Chip. The premise of their adventure isn’t a unique one, but there are some interesting aspects that may make you want to consider this modest release. Then again, you may find that it doesn’t have enough new things going for it to make it worth your money or time."

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omicron0093736d ago

looks like a fun game, too bad it got a low score.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3736d ago

Was looking forward to this. Now idk.

Rah5er03736d ago

No Camera control, so it's kind of like old-school resident evil WITH robots, I get it..!

Still looks fun though-

DlocDaBudSmoka3736d ago

this is at least an 8/10 imo. game is fun as hell. even better with coop online or local. idk what this author* is babbling on about.

*-term used loosely.

RaymondM3735d ago

looks too plain. games like that need something to distinguish themselves and give them a certain style.