Go! Gaming Giant: Chainz Galaxy Review

From the review:

"If you’ve never played Chainz, then you’re missing out on one of the more inventive match-three games available. Rather than making you swap tiles, it gives you a board full of chain links (some with two ends and some with four), which you then rotate in order to create chains of three or more. The concept is different enough to make it interesting but similar enough to be familiar and comfortable."

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omicron0093736d ago

so many puzzle games out there.

Rah5er03735d ago

-another one of these eh? I like puzzle games-sometimes, sometimes not..

RaymondM3735d ago

I love how these puzzle games can look so childish but they can also become intricate. Like lumines, I love that game, and it can get really tough, but the concept is so simple. I want more puzzle games that mix groovy tunes and patterns and stuff.
Hmmmm that statement sounded like a pot head wrote it