Go! Gaming Giant: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review

From the review:

"If there is one series that has way too many filler games and not enough direct sequels, it’s Kingdom Hearts. I know it, you know, dogs know it. Still, with each subsequent announcement, excitement from the fans never seems to wane as we all hope to recapture the spirit of the first two games and perhaps get a chance to take a peek at what’s to come. And although each game seems to leave us slightly unsatisfied, primarily because of what they aren’t, we still keep trucking on through these various adventures that are good experiences in their own rights. And in this case, it pays off somewhat for those of us looking for something a bit more classic."

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omicron0093736d ago

looks good, now i just need a DS

Rah5er03736d ago

Seems descent. I'd like to see it in 3D..

RaymondM3735d ago

eh, i never got into the kingdom hearts craze. I guess RPGs like KOTOR and Mass Effect have made me want more than disney characters filling up my screen.
Also, no one in KH has force powers

teh3733d ago

i liked kingdom hearts on the ps2, but it failed pretty hard on the ds sadly.