GAMER-0 # 41: Call Of Duty To Fall In 2011?

T-Hill writes: With so many top tier AAA titles dropping holiday 2011 will Call of Duty be able to retain its crown or will the surrounding sharks get there meal. Let me know what you think will happen when the best in the industry fight to dethrone the king.

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NYC_Gamer3730d ago

call of duty will always hold the sales crown because it has caught the mainstream public

Nineball21123730d ago

I wouldn't use the term "always". I think it will for the forseeable future, but eventually, something else will come along and take over it's spot.

jeseth3730d ago

I agree but I can't see that happening any time soon. Not even Halo can compete with it anymore and that is saying something.

COD, whether we love it or hate it, has become a household name and will get sales just because it is the next COD. Heck, I have friends that aren't big gamers but buy Madden and COD just because it is the next one. And they, unlike us, are the casual gamer that drives the industry.

What will be more interesting is seeing how much the gamers that "hate" COD will respond and affect that sales of games like BFBC 3, etc. While COD will continue to be King, how many unhappy supporters will jump ship and support other games?

Bobby Kotex3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

In all fairness Halo is not multiplat. If it was, it would be a contender.

jeseth3730d ago

Agreed. Halo would still be competition as both games sell closely on the 360.

Gamer_Z3730d ago


You make a good point it is the casuals that drive the market now, but that’s not to say that the hardcore crowd does not influence the casuals i mean it was the hardcore that made games like Halo and COD popular by word to mouth if it wasn’t for the hardcore raving about COD4 and Halo and spreading the word that these are great games they would have never gotten this big. Now that the game is popular Acti doesn’t need the hardcore anymore but that’s a mistake because casuals unlike hardcore will move on to the next big game to become popular and it will be the hardcore that will make the next game popular whether it be Killzone 3, BF3, or something else, word will spread and the cycle will begin again.

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y0haN3730d ago

In 2006 the vast majority of the console gaming public didn't give two shits about CoD. It'll dry up as soon as another casual, multiplatform shooter can prove more engaging.

Ravenor3730d ago

In 2003, console's didn't know what it was.

Crazyglues3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


You forget one important thing, the game has to be good.. that's actually what keeps mainstream public buying it, people saying it's good.. if the core audience says it's bad, the mainstream audience will abandon it.. (they still need to hear that the game is good)

Ok first things first I don't know who this guy is, but I liked the video and let me just say I want that God of War and Batman statue right Now.. send both of them to me Right Now.. LoL

What everyone seems to forget is this year is not like last year, we got, well if you have a PS3-but some are on both systems- infamous 2,(DEC) and Uncharted 3 (NOV) -the Last Guardian (DEC) Metal Gear Rising (NOV) Rage (SEPT) Resistance 3 (SEPT) and those are just the games coming out around Modern Warfare 3's date..

What about games coming out soon that we may be still playing by the time MW3 comes out - KillZone3 (FEB) Crysis 2 (Mar) Homefront (Mar) Ghost Recon -Future Soldier (Mar) L.A. Noire (April) Max Payne 3 (Aug)

-So saying their will be competition this year is an Understatement Big-time...

-But I'll tell you exactly what is going to happen, MW3 will sell 1 to 2 million copies off of the name and that's it, the game will suck, SledgeHammer has no idea what made the game such a hit, they can't do another one, because they never did a first takes talent, something Activision has clearly lost..

Hardcore Gamers will abandon the Franchise, and Treyarch who has been living off of the latest COD Code are going to be in real trouble Next year.

I Mean just look at Black ops, it's clearly the code From MW2 -with slight adjustments.. they just added jump to the floor and stuff like that.. Nothing really Amazing

They will not have nothing new this time around.. Just watch and see- No Question in my Mind the COD franchise is dead in the water....


Hitman07693730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Gamer #0 brings up some amazing points about why so many games releasing in the COD window this year can be more than just a coincidence, and what these games companies are doing to begin the end for COD and de-throne it!!

I think the point being made is that one game will not come and take the throne away but rather many games will come and dissipate the massive following (many of which are demanding a more original game) and split the throne into a round table of sorts..

Solidus187-SCMilk3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

recently, Every year has plenty of great games come out during the holiday period, and each year people buy up CoD games still.

All the people I know who buy COD every year DONT buy games like mass effect 3, TES 5, or uncharted 3 no matter how good they may be.

Unfortunately, its more likely that the next CoD effects the sales of these "great games" then the great ones effecting the sales of CoD.


Wow, what planet are you on. You really think gamers don't buy these games because of Call of Duty. How long have you been gaming because the sales figures would prove you wrong. Please do your research.

To clarify there are good games that have come out during that time frame but never in the history of gaming have so many TOP TIER AAA TITLES dropped in that time frame. If you don't believe take ten mins out of your day and do your research. Never in COD's history have they had to go up against all of the best titles.

This really is a first in gaming and for those of you who think that these titles are budging dates your only fooling yourself.

Solidus187-SCMilk3730d ago

because I didnt say the games wouldnt sell, I just said that they are not going to stop CoD from selling, because every year there are alot of great games during the holidays, and every year COD sells like crazy.

If you actually read my comment you would see that I said most of the people I know that buy CoD every year are casual gamers and they have no interest in alot of these great games.

I never said they wouldnt sell, but it is more likely that these games get effected by COD, then COD get effected by them.

If anything, these AAA games will eat into each others sales, while COD continues to sell like crazy.

I will be buying alot of them and no COD, but alot of casuals will still buy COD and Madden every year, no matter how many AAA titles from series that they dont play come out.

My point is that these games are competing with each other more so then they are competing with COD. COD will sell no matter what. These other AAA games will sell no matter what. But no matter how many AAA titles come out this holiday, COD isnt going to stop selling. These AAA titles are also competing with each other, its not all vs COD.

9thGenHero3729d ago

Echoing T-Hill's sentiments, you clearly must not have noticed a trend. Last year the only game that released on the same day with any kind of clout was The Sly Collection, completely under the radar. Franchises such as Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, SOCOM 4, Portal 2, Crysis 2, LA Noire, DC Universe Online got delayed to 2011. Now, I hope that the AAA franchises don't punk out and delay come later this year, but as it stands, COD is among stiff competition. There is a large audience that will not be caught into the COD hype this year, so we shall see, the battle is on!!!

Raven_Nomad3730d ago

COD hasn't announced the next game yet, my best guess is some of these other "AAA" titles will push their games back to the following year.

The Call Of Duty franchise is too big, every year people say it will fail and every year it surpasses the previous years title. I wouldn't want to release my titles around the same time as COD. If you don't have the newest COD game, your NOTHING!

THILLREBORN3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Do you really believe Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 2, Twisted Metal, The Last Guardian and who knows what else will move for COD when they know that all they have to do is chip away at the sales of COD as a group effort. These are the big dawgs and they're not going to budge for Activision I'm 100% sure of that.

Yeah but last time they didn't have the backing of so many AAA titles. This is going to be a conglomerate against a giant and they don't need to bring them down just to a knee.

Sitris3730d ago

Funny enough is that crysis 2 has already been delayed by call of duty haha it was ment to be coming out last year, not this year.

Raven_Nomad3730d ago

Gears and Mass Effect are heavy Hitters and Uncharted is getting there, but I don't see Exclusive titles chipping away at such a massive multiplatform game. Also, Gears will be out before the new COD, so much like Halo Reach was able to do very well, it didn't cut into B.O. and vice versa. Some of these games will be moved back or pushed forward, mark my words.

Solidus187-SCMilk3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

its not all games vs COD you know. Those games are also competing with each other for our money.


In a way they are but do you think that they all are targeting the same time frame for no other reason to compete with each other.

It's like this the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In this case COD is the 500 lbs beast in the room. Would you rather fight the guy next to you who has his back against the wall like you or would you rather team up to take down the beast.

I think a lot of people are forgetting that is a tactic that business use to take down the big guys.

I'm not sure what you are talking about but Uncharted has sold around 8 million world wide, Gears has sold about 12 million and Mass Effect has sold around 5 million. I am talking about the entire series for each title so I'm not sure how you got to the fact the Uncharted is getting to be a big hitter when is has already outsold the ME series...

Solidus187-SCMilk3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

do yuo think tha these devs are going to add up all their sales and compare it to COD? Do you think that they really want to "chip away at COD sales."

Or do you know that they reason they are releasing during the holidays is to get as many sales for their game as possible(like every year).

They want their sales to be as good as possible and do not worry about other developers sales. They release during the holidays because thats the biggest time for game sales every year. They didnt all decide to release during the holidays to gang up on COD.

These "AAA" games are competing with each other just as much as they are competing with COD.

EDIT- Basically, I think your reasoning that they are all targeting this time to gang up on COD is DEAD WRONG. They are releasing at the best time to sell videogames period. The HOLIDAYS have always been packed with games because thats when games sell the most in general. That is the reason why CoD releases when it does in the first place.

These AAA games are not only competing with COD, but with EACH OTHER as well. None of them are releasing their games to gang up on cod. They are releasing their game at a time when they can get the most sales for their game, regardless of how the competition does.

Since CoD sells to so many and so many casuals, I actually think the the amount of awesome AAA titles being released are more likely to hurt the sales of each othher then they are to hurt the sales of COD.

In the long run, the biggest detriment to COD's sales will probably be Activision and the series declining quality, not other games selling alot.

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Nate-Dog3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

CoD will still sell, even with a lot of the problems with Black Ops, people will still buy these games. That's just how it is and even with all the other big releases this year I don't see CoD falling completely off of it's perch for at least another 2 years or so.

clrlite3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I probably wont be buying any more. I don't care what it is like, or what kind of gimmick comes along with it. I'm doing my part. Nice try in advance though.

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