Wanted – World’s Best Games Creators! Dare To Be Digital Now Open

The best young computer games creators can now apply to take part in the world’s leading game design competition, Dare to be Digital, this summer at the University of Abertay Dundee.

The prize? Instant industry recognition and the coveted BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ award. Applications are now open for 2011 at http://www.daretobedigital....

Dare to be Digital is a unique opportunity for computer games designers, programmers, digital artists and audio engineers to take their first steps towards being spotted by the industry and landing their dream job. But Dare has even more to offer…

Elaine Russell, Dare to be Digital project manager, said: “Like the hugely exciting games industry, Dare to be Digital has stepped up to meet the fast-moving changes in the industry.

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Hitman07693730d ago

I love these contests they are a really good push and motivation for people to jump in and make a serious game. There are so many gems of game designers in the amateur game development world that will take the industry by storm when they reach the professional level in terms of design ideas and some of them even in terms of programming skills.

vgcgames3730d ago

I agree the Industry needs innovators and this is the best way to do it. some of the best games we never get a chance play.

9thGenHero3730d ago

If I went back to school I def. Woulda went the gaming route and definitely hopped on this opportunity