The Awful, Sexist Plot of Starcraft 2

The single-player campaign storyline for one of 2010′s best-selling PC games stands at the intersection between awful writing and awful social politics. It’s a terrible story with terrible things to say that is stupid and offensive. Nobody really likes it, although in the testosterone-filled world of hardcore PC gaming, most people haven’t taken too seriously just how sexist it is.

This isn’t a secret — among the millions of Starcraft fans, the storyline of Starcraft 2 is widely mocked and insulted. It’s bad even for video game stories (which are generally pretty bad) – and it’s bad enough that it’s high time people outside this niche gaming community saw exactly what sort of narrative is being foisted on gamers. Everyone deserves better – we can send a better message, and we can do it by writing a better story.

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hay3737d ago

While I agree that SC2 plot is nothing amazing, Kerrigan was stripped of her awesomeness and gained hotness, and I call BS on Blizzard cause of that, but the author is often exaggerating to the point of absolute nonsense. But I guess it's where the overthinking leads ; p