Valve Wanted PS3 Return 'The Right Way'

Valve's Chet Faliszek has confirmed to NowGamer that the developer's return to the PlayStation 3 had to be done 'the right way' following the console's port of the Orange Box...

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DA_SHREDDER3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

The fact Valve added more people to their team just to implement things such as cross platform play, user generated content, ect... makes me wanna buy the game day 1 even though I've never really got into the series before cause of the superior complex they had. It seems they got on the right track, and will end up pushing the envelope on what can be done on consoles. Its amazing and I see this gen being relevant for many more years to come.

I will admit though. I would love to see what the ps3 and pc would collaborate if the ps3 had more RAM.

Soldierone3740d ago

It is a cool idea that people have wanted. However it is the first step with a game that probably wont utilize it too much. With games like COD could be interesting. Unreal Tournement 3 already broke the boundry, we are just patiently waiting for it to explode.

As for me i wont pick it up for this reason unless its used. Its Valve, ill wait till other developers take stabs and see where it goes.

MintBerryCrunch3740d ago

you have something against Valve?

kinda giggled when you brought up CoD...when the devs dont even want to update an ancient game engine, what makes you think that they will spend more time and resources on cross platform play?

Soldierone3740d ago

Simple fact that Activision needs to make COD seem cool and its popular. If it slips at all, or they need that small little feature to liven things up, cross platform features are what will happen. It wont be anything like cross platform gaming, but it will be something.

I expect EA or even SOE to be there first. That or Microsoft will push for it since they are so closely tied to PC games and can offer exclusives.

MintBerryCrunch3740d ago

i think that MW3 will be a make or break situation for Activision...if they drop the ball with the "true" CoD sequel as most like to say, then it will either force Activisions hand to do something, or they will tout that sales are still great and gamers dont have a problem with what direction CoD has been going in

jimmins3740d ago

What were the main probs with the ps3 port of the orange box again?

jashwin3740d ago

Valve didn't port the PS3 Orange Box. Infact, I think EA(?) was responsible for it. The game had many graphical glitches and bad textures, which rendered the game almost unplayable.

I still think that Valve is one of the only "honest" developers left. As a PC gamer, I LOVE their steam platform.

Soldierone3740d ago

It had many technical issues and was ported by EA, not Valve. However Valve offered no help and no support at all, so EA was left being the bad guy.

There were several reports where EA stated they would gladly work on a patch port, but Valve said no. Thus the game never got fixed.

@above the only "unplayable" game in the box set was team fortress as the servers were absolutely terrible.

AntoineDcoolette3740d ago

How were the servers terrible? I played TF2 on PS3 constantly lag free. Once in a while the they would be unavailable for a little bit but they worked fine when available. Despite the fact it doesn't have the thousand of players the PC version does there's always enough people to get several games going at a time.

Soldierone3740d ago

To be honest id respect them and possibly buy Portal if they outright state they were stupid and wrong. They were the ones, and only ones, that bashed the PS3 and called it so many abusive things. Calling the fans dumb and so on. Come out and say those comments were said and were wrong and that your biting your own arse then we talk.

All this "oh we have excuse after excuse" bs is just making me hate them more. I never liked Valve, their comments cemented me not buying their games, and the only way to fix that is to live up to yourself and make good games. Thank god my Orange Box purchase went to EA and not them.

plb3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Hasn't Gabe already done that? Maybe I'm wrong but thought I heard that a while ago anyway. Anyway, actions speak louder than words and I think Valve are doing great things for PS3 now not just saying they will unlike Activision who promise this and that and don't deliver.

distorted_reality3740d ago

You'd rather give money to EA than Valve?

Dude, that's just wrong.

RedBullGT3740d ago

I remember reading an article after they announced this at E3 with Gabe, where he said that he has been treating the ps3 and its fans like crap, and how he should not have done that, and now they need to come to the ps3 with a bang. I will try to find the article, but it was a long time ago.

StoneyYoshi3740d ago

Gabe Newell had already ate his words at E3 last year. He apologized on stage at the sony press conference about all he had said about the PS3. That's where he stated that the PS3 version will be the best version on any console.

skyward3740d ago

Who cares if they make good games? Don't cut off your nose to spite your face!

Godmars2903740d ago

At this point Valve just needs to show that they can support the PS3. Something that only becomes an issue when you look at their overall history and realize that they've *NEVER* put something out without issues. Out of all devs, they're the most guilty of putting out day-one patches to fix game breaking glitches. That's why they started Steam in the first place so that they could keep up with their own screw ups.

They need to show that they can support the PS3, but they've never properly supported anything they've done. For the first few weeks if not months. So the question becomes how quickly they can get up to a decent level of competence on PSN and weather or not gamers and the especially media will give them a chance.

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tehpees33740d ago

They pulled excuse after excuse in getting away from PS3. the funny thing is they bashed PSN and look what they now favour because Sony let them use Steam. How the tables turned.

Gabe was hoping the PS3 would fail the whole time but greatly underestimated the playstation brand. Now Valve eat their humble pie and get their games on cause they know there is profit there as well lol.

If only Ninja theory would shut their faces about it as well.

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