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Kon3358d ago

Turn off the caps man

EYEamNUMBER13358d ago

what's the world coming to seriously
no offense to any italians out there but since when did anyone start caring about italy game sales

this is getting sad first people all of a sudden start caring about french game sales now this

Kon3358d ago

We will see a Afghan game sales sooner or later.

qface643358d ago

i actually agree i noticed this as well in all the time ive been on N4G when there would be stories about game sales its always just been NA, EU and JAP

but lately there have been an increase of artciles about individual countries themselves in this case italy in others france others ireland etc etc

i noticed that people post those articles because those individual countries have the sales results that they themselves like

Imalwaysright3355d ago

Japan and NA are individual countries.

Varodor3358d ago

when did anyone start caring about american game sales?

ECM0NEY3358d ago

Apparently the Japanese, they have been westernizing their games for years now trying to grab our sales.

snp3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Italy is western affluent nation of 60 million. France, same, slightly larger population. Germany, again, but with 20 more million more etc. etc. All of which - and many more - have video game cultures.

How many of these, which collectively make up hundreds of millions of people, should we ignore? And why?

No-one seems to mind UK charts popping up, in spite of them having a population slightly smaller than France (albeit with a fractionally higher attach rate, but really only amounting to small increase in comparitive games/consoles sales).

Is it that we don't want these countries acknowledged, or really that we're (those complaining, that is) unhappy with the make up their charts? Surely, given the consistently wrong guesses here about what the totals will be for worldwide sales/shipments each quarter prior to their announcements - wrong guesses based pretty clearly on just fixating on US/UK and Japan numbers - a few more indicators of what's going on with, at least, the rest of the affluent western parts of the world isn't such a bad thing?

EYEamNUMBER13358d ago

up until now its for the people that actually cared about game sales all that was counted was north america, europe, and japan all of these places specifically north america and europe were ALWAYS counted as a whole

never before since the ps3/360 came out did anyone bother to report on game and hardware sales of these places for example italy and france individually

so what happened all of a sudden that made people wanna start reporting on them individually because for countless years before this no one outside of said countries gave 2 flying hoots about what is selling there

so again give me 1 good reason as to why anyone outside of those countries all of a sudden started to care about what is selling there

snp3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Counting Europe as a whole is fine, except there's no monthly 'Europe as a whole' figure available.

If you want to get a sense of Europe 'as a whole', from what i can gather, the only way to do it is to combine at least a few of these very large countries within it and see what trends seem to come out of it.

Why this gen is there focus on specific regions - beginning, as i say, with a strange fixation on UK alone from that area (which is dwarfed by the rest of surrounding Europe's sales, so makes no logical sense)?

Simple, because different areas favour different consoles far more this generation than they have previous generations (and people tend to barrack moreso with the increase in internet use). Grabbing any single chunk of turf, no matter how large, and presuming you've got a miniature of what's going on worldwide doesn't really work this time round.

Hence, people 'barracking' for the 360 have put a somewhat undue focus on the US - and strangely, until you look more closely at numbers, handpicked the UK - because it favours the XBox360. To see how the PS3 is doing in Europe as a whole (generally it's stronghold)... well, again, there are no 'Europe monthly' figures, so you'd pick out a bunch of these type countries and sense the lay of the land.

The only alternative is let Europe be under-represented in discussions - which is usually what happens until quarterlies turn up and surprise everyone.

I can't give you '1 good reason' why anyone should care about any sales anywhere - be they Japan, America, Germany, UK, or Columbia. But, if you want to know what the systems/games are selling broadly it wouldn't hurt to get a sense of what they are doing in countries of 55/60/70/80 million.

qface643358d ago

your giving these articles too much credit

the REAL and only reason people started posting sales articles about these individual countries is because those countries have the sales they like and by they i mean (insert fanboys here)
that's the real reason and that's the only reason why there have been a large number of increases in these articles
that's all i ever see in these sales articles

snp3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

I don't doubt that qface64. I've really as good as acknowledged it in my two posts.

People are posting numbers that favour their system. Obviously European numbers - which can only be found individually, really - and Japan favour the PS3; US (and UK) numbers favour the 360 (in a contest between these two consoles) etc.

Thing is, i think there's a bit of hypocrisy here to though. For sure, individual European numbers are largely posted by PS3 fans who like what they see. _However_ there has been article after article posted singling out the UK - which is similar population to France, and isn't much bigger in terms of marketplace; certainly it's dwarfed by any two of an array of European countries - with very little criticism of this. And for at least a couple of years now, if not longer.

There's got to be a bit of 'good for the goose...' It seems inconsistent for people to be fine with the UK's 60 million population being represented adnauseum, but individual European countries (swinging toward the PS3) similar or even larger populations, in lue of monthly total numbers, getting called out as 'too fragmented' to deserve acknowledgment. Particularly when, because they're so swept under the carpet, the effect of European sales/numbers is seemingly so 'shocking', 'unexpected', each time a quarterly comes round.

Also, however cynical the motivation of those posting these European numbers - or however cynical those getting agitated by them but seemingly ok with 'UK' numbers - they do serve the purpose of giving an eye at what is an enormous market, and one that has been woefully under-represented and underestimated in this forum.

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strickers3358d ago

You ignorant,silly little boys.You should not dismiss sales in any country and insulting a country like Italy,just shows how pathetic you are.I take it you don't like what you see?
If you paid any attention at all,you'd know this is how most EU charts are(except UK).

EYEamNUMBER13358d ago

your a little slow when did i ever insult italy?
go ahead quote any part of my post and tell me where i actually insulted them

strickers3358d ago

My what is a little slow?Did you mean you are?
Yeah,I'm slow.
Where you said "when did anyone start caring about Italy games sales"?Which suggests they do not matter.They all count,even if in YOUR tiny mind they don't.
You also had a pop at the importance of the French.

EYEamNUMBER13358d ago

FACT of the matter is i never insulted anything if you actually bothered to read what i posted YOU would actually know what ive been talking about this whole time something YOUR tiny mind failed to do

WharenPeace3358d ago

Interesting post, I'm just surprised that Kinect Adventures are so high up in the list. I'm curious to see how different each of the EU territories are in terms of gaming preferences.