BLUESIDE on Kingdom Under Fire II: ‘PS3 version will be almost exactly like its PC counterpart’

The recently announced PlayStation 3 version of Kingdom Under Fire II will mark the series’ debut on the PlayStation format, bringing with it Blueside’s unique take on Action Real-Time Strategy (ARTS) in a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) space. A very unique proposition for consoles, it’s often been wondered exactly how the PC version will be altered in order to bring it to a console audience. The answer? Not very much, according to Blueside’s Region manager Mike Lee.

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chasegarcia3737d ago

something wrong if ps3 will look like pc version.

hoops3737d ago

Either the game is not graphic intensive OR they lowered the game for the PC to have it look close to the Ps3 version.

Vherostar3737d ago

Wow talk about being a fanboy... it's not talking about the graphics it's talking about features like guilds etc will all make the ps3 version..

ATiElite3736d ago

Somewhat misleading article as they are not talking graphics even though KUF2 is No Crysis. They are saying the clan and game play features are the same.

Xfanboy3737d ago

A game like this is not about to push graphics.

Fulensenca3737d ago

I hope it comes out a great game, I liked the first one a lot.

Vherostar3737d ago

Hope you got a decent PC or PS3 then as there's no 360 version seems it's been canned probably due to the online features not being available on 360 version due to restrictive policys of XBL.

Vherostar3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

KOF2 coming to PS3? Another 360 exclusive bites the dust.... It really is the year of the PS3.. according to official site there's no 360 version... Add it to the list of PS3 exclusives?? I know its on PC too but hell if the 360 counts 360/pc games as exclusives :p..

TANUKI3737d ago

Wait... I thought KOF was owned by Microsoft?
Either way, I'm really excited this is coming to PS2! Looking for something different from Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors.

KratosGod33737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Is coming to PS3 not PS2 :)
and yes... I'm excited too.

TANUKI3737d ago

Yea, sorry, I meant PS3. I fail at proof-reading :P

radphil3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Kingdom Under Fire was done on PC before they started doing the console scene. :)

TANUKI3736d ago

ohhh, gotcha. Thanks.