OPM (UK) Gives Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll A 7/10

PS3 exclusive action rpg from Tecmo Koei receives a 7/10 from the Official PlayStation Magazine ( UK).

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sinncross3732d ago

Decent score. Hopefully it sells better in the West then it did in Japan.

disturbing_flame3731d ago

I'll try that one and give it a chance. Sometimes little games have more depth than AAA blockbusters.

Neckbear3731d ago

Same here, I'll try it when it comes out. If my budget allows it, that's it...

If not, then it'll have to wait a few months, sadly.

Cloudberry3732d ago

I almost forgot about this game...

Kon3731d ago

This game will be nominated for Strangest name for a game.