Awem studio launches Star Defender 3™ HD App for iPad

Awem studio, the developer of such titles as Cradle Of Rome™ 1-2, Golden Trails: The New Western Rush™, Letters from Nowhere™, The Island: Castaway™, and other casual games, today announced its first internal iPad port Star Defender 3™ HD, which is now available on the App Store.

The game is localized into 6 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Star Defender 3™ app for iPad is available from the App Store on iPad, or at: The game is also available in LITE version.

"Star Defender 3™ is the first adaptation for the iPad platform, which allows us to show off the great features and functionality of our popular space shooter tuned specifically for this device," - said Oleg Rogovenko, Awem studio's CEO. "Star Defender 3™ HD app is great addition to Awem's game collection, and we're excited to see how well it has translated to the iPad touch. Star Defender 4™ and Golden Trails: The New Western Rush™ will be introduced for iPad touch later this year."

Get ready to fight through hoards of alien beasts in more than 100 breathtaking levels! Star Defender 3™ app for iPad offers 8 huge missions and a new progressive system of bonuses and power ups. Missiles are just light fun for kids, but here you'll get mines, lasers, nuclear bombs, piranha, parasitron, insulator, infector, ball lightning and homing lasers! Don't miss this hot star battle!

Key Features in Star Defender 3™ include:

-A wide array of alien spacecrafts with their own unique weapons
-8 large missions with a huge Boss at the end of each
-Bonus System, including Time-Freeze, Missile Strike, and Immortality
-More than 100 breathtaking levels!
-Unique and truly addictive gameplay

Star Defender 3™ HD:
Star Defender 3™ HD Lite:
Star Defender 3™ Mac:

About Awem studio:
Awem studio, an independent game development company, was founded in 2002 with the sole mission of developing high quality casual PC and Mac Games for the whole family. The company has established itself as the premier casual game developer in Eastern Europe. Its superior titles include Cradle of Rome™ 1-2, The Island: Castaway™, Letters from Nowhere™, Golden Trails: The New Western Rush™, Romance of Rome™, and Cradle of Persia™, etc which have delighted millions of families across the world. For more information please visit:

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