Mass Effect 2 now downloadable from EU PSN, costs £48

GB writes: SCEE has confirmed that Mass Effect 2 is now available for download from Playstation Store.

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Optical_Matrix3732d ago

Just logged onto PS Store to check this....£ this is gonna get people to buy the PS3 version, when you can buy the 360 version for £10. What the fuck.

cyborg3732d ago

this is seriously retarded, the game came out almost a year ago for Xbox 360 and PC. This kind of pricing will doom the PS3 version from the start.

Venatus-Deus3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I just said in the other duplicate story that Sony have to stike a balance between software profit and keeping the companies that sell their hardware happy.

It's a difficult one because if ithe DD was cheaper than the retail version then all the third party distrubtors (Amazon, Game, Play etc etc) would be pissed off and feel cut out of the equation.

That would be one of a few reasons for this price.

Anarki3732d ago

You can buy the BLU-RAY version for cheaper? Can anyone please shed some light on how this is justified? the digital download copy costs more than the copy hindered with a disc?

ksense3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


It costs a minimum of $220 to play the game on 360 for a lot of people that are buying the ps3 version.

Honestly some people need to stop with this lame "it is cheaper on pc/360" argument. This is like a new game for ps3 ONLY owners and the pricing is going to reflect that. people that had a 360 or pc would have bought the game a year ago if they were interested. Even though I have both systems I am buying the ps3 version because I prefer the ps3 controller plus my brother uses the 360 primarily and I use the ps3 primarily.

On topic - This is ridiculous pricing for a non disc version. It really should be like 40$ so more people are interested in getting the digital version. I got the game on Amazon with the $20 credit offer and so it turns out to be 36.99. If they want people to pick the digital version over the disc version then they need to make it enticing and not charge the retail price!!

Adva3732d ago

This kind of pricing will only force the price down way faster than the original release.
I expect at least $20 in 3months.


$20 in 3 months? No chance. Wasn't Assassins Creed 1 on the PSN Store for £24 a few weeks ago?
And people say the future will only have download only games, you've got to be kidding.

Venatus-Deus3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Double post

Man In Black3732d ago

This is why games should remain on disc next generation. Fucking bullshit.

dangert123732d ago

Sony needs to sort this out im sure MS had a deal with devs where there xbox 36o games can not be above a certain price range if they want them to be on the market place sony need to do the same this is digusting not that mass effect is not a good i wouldt know but this out of order and so was prototype and these devs do they think they will make more money buy selling it exspensive with a few people purchasing or a little cheaper with alot more people buying hmmm when its priced at £38 people will be exspecting cases manuals and the rest if not you need to buck up your ideas oh and you will want the game brand new not a year after its original release

Vherostar3732d ago

Sony don't choose pricing though the devs do. They have said this plenty of times.

dangert123732d ago

yeah i know that
but sony do have the write to say if its over so and so amount were not puting it on the not sure but it seems ms must of done it on the xbl market place there 360 games pricing make more sense then the ps3's

Hellsvacancy3732d ago

Does it cost Sony anthin to put games on the PSN? i wouldnt of thought so myself

mushroomwig3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


Of course, they also charge publishers to cover some of the bandwidth costs. (Sony is charging 16 cents per a gigabyte of bandwidth used)

monkpunk13731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

the download can be activated on 5 ps3's so theoretically you get 5 copies of the game for £47 go share with your mates£9.40 each so its actually cheaper than x box! lol

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Optical_Matrix3732d ago

It's moments like this when you know DD becoming standard on consoles is a LONG way off. It should be much cheaper. Think about all the middle men DD cuts out, and yet we're getting sold products at premium prices.

psb3732d ago

Why will I buy it at this price when I can get the boxed version for a cheaper price?

smurfz3732d ago

I'll take this game on 360 all day.

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