Brand New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details

New details regarding PS3-exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, more information on Noctis, gameplay elements and more.

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IronFist3731d ago it possible that Noctis and Stella are meant to be wed, and they are from different countries? I don't see why Noctis would fight his own people, but the trailer definitely looks like that will happen.

TheObserver3731d ago

The King always have to kick his own people asses now and then to keep them in check. You know, be a dictator about it (Pun intended). Otherwise, they'll be turn into a puppet or lose the throne. Succession is also a mess with a monarchy. The eldest son may not be good enough, but he have the right to the throne. The other more capable brothers can be pissed off and may try to usurp the throne. Or vise versa, the eldest will not be pleased when father says "You will not be king." The military generals and aristocrats can take advantage of civil war within the royal class and further complicate things by eliminating the royal family all together.

I like this complicated story already.

stuntman_mike3731d ago

Haven't you watched any kung fu films, the master always kicks the disciples arse to make him learn. No difference here lol.

showtimefolks3731d ago

the combat is what interests in about versus its all real time hack/slash.

can't waite to play this we still don't have a relapse date do we?

doa7663731d ago

I think you mean "release date", relapse is when put something up your butt

ReservoirDog3163731d ago

Yeah, he probably meant release but that really isn't what relapse means. Means to get worse. Or maybe fall back into a bad habit.

gaden_malak3730d ago

"relapse is when put something up your butt "

What school did you go to?

HxCGamer3730d ago

hahaha i had to give him an agree because i dont know if he was being serious or just random lol

showtimefolks3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

i meant to say release date

also i gave everyone a agree

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RedDead3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Well Ironfist, Stella is from a dif kingdom, apparently her kingdom just invaded Nocts kingdom for the crystal. They were at peace talks or something, also I think guns are illegal(interview years ago) in Nocts kingdom(which means the blondie guy is carrying it illegally). Stellas soldiers use guns.

Also this article has no new info, he's just interpreting the trailer.


''Final Fantasy Versus XIII is expected to release at some point in 2011, but there is no confirmed release date yet.''

x5exotic3731d ago

Because they rack a disciprine!

badz1493731d ago

sorry guys, I just feel I need to say that! I'm at the point where I don't really care anymore! if FFXIII-2 comes out 1st, which is very likely....bah...I do't have things to say anymore but SCREW YOU SE! I say this because this make waiting for KH3 kinda pointless!

Ps_alm3k3730d ago

IDK ...

I kind of like a kingdom hearts with out those disney characters, don't you?

badz1493730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

my gaming history is not that long and KH was my 1st ever RPG and I love it so much I finished it 7 freaking times! can't say much about the QTE-enabled KH2 but I love the series the way it is! FFvsXIII doesn't look so compelling now as it was 5 years ago. the combat is more Crisis Core than KH to me and I might be in the minority, but I don't like CC!

3730d ago
3730d ago
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SnakeMustDie3731d ago

I hope we get a release date of 2011.

gaffyh3731d ago

You're not the only one :). I really wish that we get this, this year, rather than FF13-2. Not that I didn't like FF13, but it wasn't as good as I expected. So I hope Vs13 comes out this year and FF13-2 next year.

crxss3731d ago

There's already so many amazing games coming out for PS3 this year, I think 2011 is a bit of a stretch though.

Pozzle3731d ago

I hope Square takes as long as they need tbh. Their previous rush-jobs have been...well...not so great.

I won't mind waiting another year if FFvsXIII ends up being amazing.

Ultraplayerxp3731d ago

I think FFv13's dev time is going on for like 5 years now. Personally I say screw FF13-2. FF13 disappointed me and I don't wanna see FFv13 pushed back because of it.

mrmikew20183731d ago

So FF13-2 is coming out this year?

oli3731d ago

FFvXIII goes hard!

i want it this year

gaffyh3731d ago

@2.1.4 - Apparently it's winter 2011, dunno if that is true though. All I've heard Square say is "next winter" so that could even be Winter 2012.

sjaakiejj3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Don't count on it, several sources confirmed that the release date that Square Enix announced for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is 2012. Additionally, the developers mentioned that they cannot commit themselves to 2011. So a confirmed year - 2012, but not much more than that. Could be early in the year though.

Just use google translate.

Eamon3731d ago

If FFvs13 comes out this year it will probably be in Japan Dec 2011.

I very much doubt it's coming out this year in the west.

doa7663731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

as much as I want this game there's too many PS3 exclusives for this game to release this year, for the holidays 2011 there's resistance 3, uncharted 3, the last guardian, twisted metal and maybe a couple more

they would divide sales numbers even more if this came out, most like we will get this one around october 2012 along with Agent

StarCSR3730d ago

I'd like that as well, but you know that's not going to happen...

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Xwow20083731d ago

If ffv13 western version will be released this year when we will have the best gaming year EVER :)

R_aVe_N3731d ago

Even if it is only in Japanese I would still be happy. Good thing about speaking Japanese 8)

Nate-Dog3731d ago

Tbh I think all of this was obvious from the trailer, even the Japanese one (apart from the info about Noctis trying to overthrow his father as King).

Oh and: "New details are leaking out regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII... -First bit of information is that Noctis, who is the main character, is actually a prince. His father is the king of the country that possesses the world's only crystal.
-This was already known"


Capt-FuzzyPants3731d ago

I know there was really nothing new here.