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Johnny Cullen3364d ago

This is looking more awesome everytime I see it.

SasanovaS19873364d ago

mark my words, the game will struggle to reach 2 million life time sales

JoeReno3364d ago

What leads you to think that?

Acquiescence3364d ago

and look what happened with that. Nobody expected a western to sell that well.

tablav3364d ago

Pretty strong comment to make with no reason behind it.

The game has achieved a lot of publicity for its tech and is being put out by Rockstar. It'll sell more than 2 million IMO. It won't be the best selling game of all time, but I think it'll do well.

siyrobbo3364d ago

depends on how good the game is, if take two and rockstar put everything they've got behind it like they did with red dead i cant see why it wouldn't do as good as red dead

also it wouldn't hurt if the game was actually good with good word of mouth and reviews

SasanovaS19873364d ago

if patcher can assume, i can as well.

1. given the publicity, outside of the "internetz", not many people have a clue about this game.
myself and the rest of you who roam these webs have a completely different insight then the average consumer.

2. its is a new IP.

3. Genre of the game. yes its interesting, but it doesnt appeal to the majority of consumers. i have a feeling it will have the same faith as alan wake, or heavy rain, or even mafia 2.
now im aware these games did not do horrible on the market, but they didnt do that great either, regardless of what they brought to the table

LA noire is another one of these games. unique in its own way, which will most likely be the reason it doesnt sell as good.

honestly, i love the game, but i dont plan on buying it. i can see it as a week rent and never touching it again :/ Real Talk.

siyrobbo3362d ago


i could have said exactly the same about red dead redemption exactly one year ago

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nix3364d ago

darn. how i wish it came out next year.. too many games!!!!

clarkjudo3364d ago

Well, with all of the delays on this game already ... you might get your wish. LOL

nix3364d ago

lets hope! 2011 must be the only year where we have to pray that the game gets delayed! lol. q;

tablav3364d ago


If it comes out this year, by next year it'll be cheaper and you can pick it up then. I'm happy to part with my money this year for this one!

7bitarcade3364d ago

This year really is getting more and more expensive.

Gamer_893364d ago

I have an feeling that this game will be an B production game from Rockstar. I mean why don't they show some ingame footage!

guigsy3364d ago

They never showed any gameplay footage of GTA4 before it was released. They like keeping a lid on their projects.

Gamer_893364d ago

Yeah that's because Gta4 is their big ip but with red dead redemption they at least showed us some footage. I mean there going to realise an new Ip game, people want to see some footage before spending 60 dollars or euro on an game.

gillri3364d ago

great time to release this game, the begining of this year is alot more spread out in terms of release dates

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The story is too old to be commented.