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Pozzle3737d ago

Is it too much to hope this game will be good? :(

Acquiescence3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I've been reading up on every (limited) scrap of information I can find about this game, and most of it leads me to believe that Downpour will be the aceness. I think the development team understand what made the series special and many of them have openly stated that they are Silent Hill fans themselves.

sam22363737d ago

"The Devil’s Pit"

This game is getting more and more generic.

d0nT wOrrY3737d ago

there is waterfall of games this year.. WATCH OUT!!!

gillri3737d ago

oh dear another October November release then

seriously, this isnt a good time to release this game

try and get it out in July/August time, same with Deus Ex : HR

theres way too many amazing games out October November time

TANUKI3737d ago

lol, I know eh? I hate when they release all these games so close... give us some breathing room!

VMAN_013737d ago

I know the game is a while from release but look at the woman holding the gun, her fingers are essentially rectangles.


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