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If you are a hardcore (or even slightly more than casual) gamer then odds are you fall into one of two categories. Either you are the gamer who has played the critically acclaimed Mass Effect 2 or you are the gamer who has said "I would totally play this video game if it came out for the PS3." This is for those still on the fence.

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3737d ago
Ares84PS33737d ago

I got it on PS3 and man, this game is amazing. Now I'm thinking about getting a 360 just to play the first one.

drexl3737d ago

You do realize the first game is on PC right? Don't waste your money getting a console just for one game.

SuperStrokey11233737d ago

Such a good game, ive been playing this all week. Only about 12 hours in and i just want to play it all the time. I almost called in sick to work today.

RevXM3737d ago

How come that there are no articles what so ever of the freezing and bugs that I and a lot of other people are experiencing?

It really needs a damn patch and Its a letdown that it is released with so many big bugs/glitches.
It froze 3 times for me in 10 hours of play but some people are getting it far more frequently.
Head over to Bioware forums, well even bioware havent even commented last time I checked... which was yeasterday.

HarryMonogenis3737d ago

There are. GameSpot's review mentioned it, but any other review that mentions anything negative probably doesn't make it onto N4G because of the, you know, fanboys not liking the score -- I've seen it happen before.

BlackRoseDelt3737d ago

I can only speak for myself but neither I nor anyone I know playing it has experienced a freeze what-so-ever. Not saying you're wrong, just saying I never saw it happen.

that would piss me off to no end though.

RevXM3737d ago

Well it just takes a tour to the Bioware Forums to see that a lot of people have issues with the game.

And It pissed me off Ill tell you that.