Veiled Gaming: Gran Turismo 5 Review

For the past five years Polyphony Digital have been teasing us with sneak previews, new information and several release dates for their upcoming Gran Turismo title. Well after five years of waiting patiently, has Gran Turismo 5 taken the chequered flag or did it spin out on the home stretch.

One thing about Gran Turismo 5 is its HUGE. With 1000+ cars, various tracks with different courses, a tune shop and the ability to customise the exterior of the car. This game keeps getting better and better, but wait, there’s more. A course maker, replay functionality, a photo album, a historic museum and online gameplay. This game has it all. But, once you dig deep into the skin of this mammoth game is a list full of flaws and hidden potential which forces us to ask, what has Polyphony Digital done these past five years?

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