Portal 2 Preview (Strategy Informer)

From Strategy Informer: "The first hands-on session with a game is always the crunch point. Does it match the impression I've formed so far? Is it living up to the hype? Expectations? Regular gamers hit this point whenever they get their hands on a demo, or when the game is released properly - we reviewers may be lucky in the fact that we get to see it much earlier, but there's also a danger in the sense that we are essentially playing unfinished code."

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HarryMonogenis3732d ago

Whoah, for literally a split-second I thought the title read "Portal 2 Review." My eyes widened right at that moment. XD

Perjoss3732d ago

it sucks for gamers who are waiting for a game to come out that P and R look so similar, after all an R is just a P taking a leak.