HMV detail trade-in offers for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Universe writes:

UK retailer HMV have just detailed their console trade-in offers ahead of the release of the highly anticipated arrival of the Nintendo 3DS on March 25th.

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sway__z3736d ago

PS3 £190 trade in is not bad at all. If you consider 360 Slim offers £95 against the 3DS.

I have no intention of trading my beloved PS3...just saying :))

plb3736d ago

That does seem like a pretty good deal. Here in the US gamestop would give you around $90 I think for a PS3

Kurt Russell3736d ago

My slim only cost me £209 in the first place!

dalehitchy3736d ago

who would trade in their ps3 for a handheld...

plb3736d ago

Someone that travels a lot perhaps

xtremegamerage3736d ago

£2.50 for xbox1
£5 for PSX
£15 for DC.

I'd want to 3ds for a PS3.

dangert123736d ago

I love the ps3 i'd want a 3ds and some quality titles for a ps3 and i mean more then two spesh with the ps3 games i have sitting here
demon souls
resistance 2
Wipeout HD
Killzone 2
lol funny 3ds for a ps3 some people are so stupid id rather save for the 3ds and keep the ps3

sway__z3736d ago

I'm not sure we need a Sony handheld. I would much prefer Sony quit the handheld market and use the R&D funds on marketing the hell out of the PS3 and all those AAA games heading our way.

Nintendo have always dominated this market and with the jump in cell phone tech, do we really need a slew of new handhelds. I think not.

However, I appreciate Sony handhelds have their fans and will ultimately disagree with me....but before you do, remember it's just an opinion.

Sony need to re-establish itself as the no.1 choice in home consoles. The games are great, but deserve more attention in the public eye.

Pimp those consumers SONY!!

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