The Last Story - 18 minutes gameplay

Video gameplay from The Last Story game, commented by Sakaguchi.

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LoaMcLoa3737d ago

I think a french game-magazine confirmed a release for Europe. Though, it may have been just a bad translation.
Either way, I soooo want to play this!

Keith Olbermann3737d ago

At first I was amazed at the graphics on a DS game but then I read it was a Wii game.....

GrandDragon3737d ago


So much for what SE were saying :/ Mistwalker should give em some tips :/s


@ grand dragon.
it's not just mistwalker, it's Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy. he knows what his RPG fans want.

Mandaspt3737d ago

Maybe the best RPG for the Wii. I want it so bad.

K923737d ago

More like, may be the best RPG :)

despair3737d ago

lol we'll see, but yea I really like how this game looks and the fact that they won't localize it for...well any other region sucks. Hope that changes.

GrandDragon3737d ago

The music in this video reminds me of FFVII... I think its the music played before the amusement park near the caves... :)!!

diefor3737d ago

Probably if would be success in japan, it comes to Europe.

laaakokaracha3737d ago

Xenoblade was a HUGE success in Japan and it still wont come out in u.s. anytime soon.

Im not worried about The Last Story because it will be very easy to market ... think about who produced it etc.

Im only worrying about Xenoblade...that game didnt get enough attention from the Western World :( I hope they will localize it ...

Baka-akaB3737d ago

yeah Xenoblade has been forgotten by westerns jrpg fans , partially at the benefits of Tales games and Last Story .

laaakokaracha3737d ago

This game will revolutionize the JRPG franchise...nothing will be the same afterwards

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