TvC and MvC2 gave "backwind" to MvC3, 'neither did millions'

Producer and director Ryota Niitsuma of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has said they've had no "budget reductions" thanks to the success of previous crossovers.

While neither Tatsunoko vs. Capcom or Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for XBLA and PSN sold in the millions, they "certainly haven't lost" any money on the brawlers.

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Gamer_894137d ago

I mean they already have dlc planned for the game and probably also some costume packs. The game is mine when it is reaching the 15 pond or lower price point ;)

Simon_Brezhnev4137d ago

i dont know why you got a disagree. Scamcom will milk the shit out of this game. You know the future and past costumes of marvel characters are coming and got a strange feeling it will be a lot more than Sf4 costumes. I know they got at least 8 DLC characters coming.

Raendom4137d ago

Will get this later. MK9 is the real fighter to have this year imo.

guzman4137d ago

Lol! Always has to be one delusional MK scrub to bring some levity to an SF or MvsC thread.

J BO4137d ago

what is wrong with people ????
if you don't want the dlc don't buy it no body force you to buy it !!
enjoy the game you have plenty of characters to play with!!! dlc never affect the whole package of the game.

whitezagetsu714137d ago

that screen shot looks awesome