New Operation Flashpoint: Red River screen shows off amazing vistas and particle effects

Recently posted to the official Operation Flashpoint: Red River website as part of the regular 'Postcards from the Frontline' feature, Creative Director Sion Lenton had this to say about the new screenshot.

"As promised here is the second instalment of ‘Postcards from the Frontline’. Images taken by the developers of Operation Flashpoint from the coal face of development.

Today’s entry was taken by Akuila Iliesa (QA Technician) on Xbox 360 and shows off our awesome environment and particle system, as well as our impressive CAS (Close Air Support) system."

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hennessey863736d ago

but will it be enough who knows

DavidMacDougall3736d ago

Ain't buying anything till i see the PS3 version, you hid the PS3 version of Dragon Rising until release only showing PC and 360 so your not to be trusted.

Fred-G-Sanford3736d ago

Remember the bullshots of Dragon Rising that were being passed around before its release?

I do, and because of that I will "believe it when I see it" in regards to anything with the name Operation Flashpoint. lol

bumnut3736d ago

hope its better than dragon rising, that game had serious problems

DraconicPanda3736d ago

all the pretty visuals in the world can't make up for absolutely retarded AI. hopefully they know and address this now...


New Operation Flashpoint: Red River screen shows off amazing vistas and particle effects..........but the game is still shit.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

yep, they really screwed us with the ps3 version last go around. The reviews were held back and misleading when they were released, and I based my purchase off all the positives from the pc community so I bit. My mistake, not again, the online portion didnt work on release, the ai was almost the worst to date of any game, they held back content from the game and then tried to release the overpriced dlc to the people that supported them in the first place. Unreal, hopefully this hits the budget bin fast and maybe they will learn a lesson not to purposely screw the consumer because you can get away with it this generation.


Oh dont worry us xbox gamers were ripped off aswell! they advertised vehicles galore on huge maps with the BEST EVA! AI apparently.

They also didnt even bother to patch the online which was unplayable on 8 v 8 peer to peer which is just embarassing and not to mention how much the graphics on the explosions sucked after they were hyped up.

Lets not forget the videos of flying cobras etc where in the actual game you only got to fly 2 transport choppers and a mini bird on tiny maps.

The senior lead simon somebody or other is the biggest bullshitter this generation of gaming.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3736d ago

lmao...well its good to hear that they just suck when it comes to developing for the consoles. still hearing about how they are so great on the pc front, but I am done getting burnt by these garbage ass games that the reviewers get paid to hype "sell to us with lies"

CrzyFooL3736d ago

Codies should stick to racing games.