LBP 2, Twice the Size of LittleBigPlanet 1

Media Molecule's fantastic platform for creating games takes sequels to a new level, with the second game being twice this size of the first.

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gaffyh3740d ago

Not surprised tbh, it looks like an amazing game, but I'm still waiting for my copy to be delivered :(

lalalala3740d ago

It's a really cool game, but the amount of pointless levels people have made is unbelievable. There are some pretty cool ones up though, love the 8-bit Mario one.

LoneWanderer093740d ago

I hope this game does not get SPAM like the first one did

gaffyh3740d ago

I think it already has, those Obama levels are disgusting. Hopefully MM mod some of the stuff out.

lalalala3740d ago

Anyone know if there is an install for this game? I know the first game has one, but i haven't had enough money to buy this one yet.

Sitris3740d ago

There is, but takes no time to be done though.

FAGOL3740d ago

I think it's a 1300mb install. A pretty average install size. Takes a min to install.

Inside_out3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )'s Ok, but I like the look of the first game better. The graphics have definitely been downgraded.

The demo was huge at over 2gb but you might want to check that out first before you buy. Took me 40 mins to download...O_o

FAGOL3740d ago

I don't know why you think the graphics have been downgraded. They look identical to me. Apparently Mm also implemented some graphic features from GoW3. I don't really see the difference though. But LBP looked perfect from the beginning so no complaints.

TheObserver3740d ago

You been spouting so much lies. So much to the point that I wont even believe you even if you told me the sky was blue.

dragon823740d ago

The graphics have not been downgraded and you know it. stop spreading your lies. If you don't like the game that is finebut stop making up lies.

starvinbull3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

@cez of rage

The graphics have been sharpened up as well as more effects being added. All my LBP1 levels now look twice as good so I don't know how you can say downgraded.

Please someone provide a link to a screenshot comparison.