Going Through The MMOtions: DC Universe Online on PlayStation 3 - #2

PushSquare: "As an MMO newcomer, I’m starting to appreciate that the beauty of these games (or certainly DC Universe Online in particular) is not so much in the variety of the gameplay, but in the variety of options. Loading up DC Universe Online this morning I had a list of quests as long as my arm to complete. While the gameplay offers very little variation, I found myself mixing things up for myself.

“Right, now I’m going to head to Gotham,” I said to myself as I put the finishing touches to a quest-line in Metropolis. The gameplay may well stay static, but there’s plenty of different environments and quest givers to keep things interesting. In just under four hours of play I’d ventured through Area 51, had an encounter with Harley Quinn in Joker’s fun-house, and taken a tour of the Watchtower. Despite only having three main areas available, DC Universe Online’s world is pretty rich with different components."

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