Sir, Yes, Sir, Kinect Sir!

This military family has a new Drill Sergeant. Every muscle in my body hurts, but will sing like a bird for him. The kids do homework & chores so fast at his command. Our parties flourish, not even the most hardcore of our soldier buddies can resist the urge to be the best for Drill Sergeant…. Kinect.

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Kran3732d ago

Haha at the picture. 4 Kinect games....... and Fallout New Vegas o.O

ClaireJeepChick3732d ago

You noticed! You get a shiny gold star! LOL

GameNTrain3732d ago

There you go. You knew someone would notice!

KingME3732d ago

He couldn't think of anything else to whine about, so that's what the troll came up with...pathetic.