Rumour: Nintendo 3DS UK launch titles outed by GAME

Nintendo Universe writes:

Following the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS' release date on March 25th across Europe, it would seem that UK retailer GAME may have outed the software launch line-up for day one.

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Malice-Flare2826d ago

Nintendogs + Star Wars ensures 3DS sells-out at launch...

Ryudo2826d ago

Star Wars is a franchise almost at the point of diminishing sales of a respective game not increasing them.

The amount of shit spawned from the Star Wars franchise vastly outweighs anything good released.

I would say it's going to be Zelda and star wing that most gamers are looking forward to, and MGS3 for the more hardcore.

dalehitchy2826d ago

i will NOT be getting one at launch... in a world where somehow $1 = £1

too pricey... you americans are so lucky :(

MGRogue20172826d ago

Nothing there to make you want to rush out & buy it, really...

AGamerOfConsoles2826d ago

They are taking £3 deposits on the games so I put down money for Street Fighter. Then I will get Ocarina and DOA when they come.

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