Death By Robots - Review: The Dream Machine

Jennifer Taylor for DBR writes: The majority of our gaming time these days is based around shooting a gun, playing a sport, or physical exercise. What happened to the good old days where Monkey Island was the height of fashion, and we all used our brains to solve logical (or downright crazy) situations involving a rubber chicken and a spit-covered rag? Although the re-makes have been very well received, the point and click genre seems to be slowly edging into the shadows like a cloaked figure in a film noire. That is until that cloaked figure decides it needs a glimpse of the sun, just to feel alive, and something remarkable happens; something that dreams are made of. I’m not talking about that car advert with Uma Thurman, but a game designed by two Swedish men who like clay and cardboard.

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7bitarcade3730d ago

Am still waiting for a point and click that takes over from where day of the tentacle left off, until that day, any point and click is inferior.

However, this does look rather good and as a browser games that's pretty impressive.